Guy Who Loves The Movie Speed 2: Cruise Control Way Too Much

Who can’t forget the highly successful 1994 blockbuster movie Speed with Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock? In the movie Keanu and Sandra are both trapped on a bus that has been rigged to explode by a terrorist if the speed of the vehicle falls below 50 mph or if anyone attempts to get off the bus. Well in 1997 a sequel came out entitled Speed 2: Cruise Control. Sandra Bullock was back to reprise her role but Keanu Reeves couldn’t reach an agreement with the studio and was replaced with relative unknown actor Jason Patric. The sequel taking place this time on a boat that couldn’t stop, was needless to say terrible and the source of plenty of mockery over the years.

But not everyone hated Speed 2, in the hilarious video below you will meet Speed 2’s number one fan who can’t stop talking about the movie, and will defend it to anyone who dare questions him.


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