The Boys – Volume 9: The Big Ride (2011) – Full Comic Story & Review

Full Comic Story and Review/Recap for The Boys – Volume 9: The Big Ride, covering issues #48-59 of The Boys, initially released in trade paperback in 2011.

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Writer: Garth Ennis
Artist: Russ Braun, John McCrea with Keith Burns

All the pieces are falling into place, for the Boys as well as their most mortal enemies. The long-dreaded superhuman conflict is on its way. But first there are secrets still to be uncovered: like the story of the team’s first encounter with supergroup The Seven, and the shockwaves from that disastrous meeting that still reverberate today. Hughie, meanwhile, discovers his comrades’ hidden history, as their original leader Colonel Greg Mallory takes him through sixty years of the filthiest black operations imaginable. And finally, with good and bad guys teetering on the brink, a shadowy force sets events in motion that will push even Butcher over the edge.

Publisher: Dynamite Comics

Proper Preparation and Planning (#48-51)
Issue 48 at 2:12
Issue 49 at 8:59
Issue 50 at 21:48
Issue 51 at 30:42

Barbary Coast (#52-55)
Issue 52 at 37:22
Issue 53 at 43:50
Issue 54 at 48:17
Issue 55 at 57:32

The Big Ride (#56-59)
Issue 56 at 1:08:59
Issue 57 at 1:16:57
Issue 58 at 1:20:58
Issue 59 at 1:30:20

Closing Thoughts at 1:36:08

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