Jupiter’s Legacy – Volume 1 (2015) – Full Comic Story & Review

Full Comic Story and Review/Recap for Jupiter’s Legacy – Volume 1 (issues #1-5) initially released in trade paperback in 2015.

The children of the world’s greatest superheroes may never be able to fill their parents’ shoes. When the family becomes embattled by infighting, one branch stages an uprising and another goes into hiding. How long can the world survive when one family’s super-powered problems explode onto the global stage?

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quitely

===== TIMESTAMPS =====
Issue 1 at 4:11
Issue 2 at 16:25
Issue 3 at 25:59
Issue 4 at 33:20
Issue 5 at 40:48

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Issue 1

  • The year is 1932, in Morocco. We see Sheldon Sampson (who will later become the hero the UTOPIAN), is talking to a Captain Borges. He wants this captain to take him to this mysterious Island 600 miles West of Cape Verde, which is situated on the west side of Africa. The Captain says he has sailed those waters his entire life, he knows of know islands in those parts. Sheldon’s people seem really confident in Sheldon though. One of the friends says, “Trust me buddy, if Sheldon says there’s an island there, you can pretty much bet the farm on it. Grace Sampson who is Sheldon’s friend, Sheldon saw the island in a dream. The Captain asks, and the rest of you are comfortable with this? They all say they are comfortable. Walter Sampson, who is Sheldon’s brother says there’s one thing he’s learned over the years, when his brother gets an idea, there’s no point trying to talk him out of it.
  • Well the ship Captain asks what are you all hoping to find. Sheldon says he doesn’t really know, but he knows the answer to everything lies on that island. The Captain thinks they might be out of their mind, but he says he’ll take their crew to their mysterious island.
  • Sheldon had a fairly privileged life, School to Yale to the board of his father’s company, but he lost everything in the Wall Street Crash of 1929, he was worried about the poor state of America after the crash,  the breadlines and soup kitchens, but then he had dreams of the island, which told him great gifts lay at its shores.
  • Sheldon was offered a job in his Uncle’s company, but he refused his only real interest now was making his way to this island. His fiance at the time named Jane, dumped him, saying he was crazy. Sheldon gathered up his brother and some old college buddies, they travelled across the world to North Africa looking for this island, Sheldon even drew a sketch of it from his dreams. The dreams tell him that in the south of the Island, the remains of an ancient University can be accessed through a cave , that is where the Island is telling him to bring his crew, that is where they will find the key to everything promised.
  • His brother Walter asks him any idea what is used to be. Sheldon says his dreams haven’t told him yet, but he knows it was something good, and it’s been abandoned for a million years and is just waiting for the right crew to come along.
  • Finally after sailing for a while, someone runs down to see Sheldon and tells him the island is in sight. When Sheldon runs up stairs he says my god. The Island looks exactly like his sketch. In time more will be revealed about what happened on that island, but for now all you need to know is that They rarely ever talked about what happened in those mountains on that island, but they came back to America better, with powers, and they wore costumes, and they raised the spirits of anyone who saw them, and they became the 1st generations of superheroes, trying to make America better. They didn’t care about money or politics, their only desire was to serve their country.
  • 6 people got powers on that mysterious Island and eventually they formed a Super Hero group called The Union. They each got various powers, and their aging slowed tremendously and they could all live much longer. The members of the Union are:
    • Sheldon Sampson (Utopian) – One of the most powerful superheroes on the planet. He possessed immense superhuman strength, speed, durability, the ability to fly, decelerated aging, telekinesis, and many other superhuman abilities.
    • Grace Sampson (Lady Liberty) – Super strength, invulnerability, flight
    • Walter Sampson (Brain-Wave) – Brother of the Utopian who possesses telepathic powers and endorses a more pro-active approach to dealing with the world’s problems.
    • Bob “Fitz” Fleton (Flare) – Fastest on the team, The Flare also possesses superhuman strength, durability, flight, telekinesis, and many other superpowers.
    • Richard Conrad (Blue-Bolt) – Uses a power rod
    • George Hutchence (Skyfox) – Powerful. Possesses super-strength, super-speed, invulnerability, telekinesis (able to lift buildings, cars, houses, etc.), the ability to fly.
  • We will learn more about their history and past in the prequel comic Jupiter’s Circle. Which will go over the golden age of all these heroes….
  • But for now, we just know that these superheroes eventually had kids…
  • It is now 2013. we are in Los Angeles. We see this Chloe Sampson, she is the daughter of Utopian and Lady Liberty. She has powers as well,  Chloe is somewhat of a celebrity, she is wearing barely any clothes here, and is doing a photo-op at some event for some sort of medical charity. We see Chloe’s brother Brandon Sampson, he also has powers and is the son of Utopian and Lady Liberty. Brandon looks at his sister with disgust, as some sort of sellout opportunist, she doesn’t care about this charity, she is just doing this so she gets more endorsements from big brands.
  • Some girl in a skimpy superhero outfit walks over to Brandon and says that his parents were so inspirational to her, and that is why she is wearing this costume. Brandon says “uh huh, look this is the VIP area your not allowed back here”. She asks flirtatiously, “well we were hoping you could get us in”. Brandon sighs and says “If you are after what I think you are after, just wait for me in the men’s room honey, I’ll be finished drinking in 5 minutes, but I’m not taking my clothes off understand? The skimpy girl and her friend leave in disgust, and she says, “You think because your dad’s the Utopian that you’re better than everyone else.” Brandon doesn’t care what they think go. Brandon tells his friend that Omega and Samsung just cancelled some of his contracts because he isn’t as in the public eye as much as he used to be. They told him to get out there and save some people. But Brandon says there is nobody cool to fight more, all the great battles are well and truly over. All the best villains died 20 years ago, my parents were living in a golden age. The friend of the skimpy girl comes back and tells Brandon her friend wanted her to let him know she is in the men’s room waiting for him when he is ready.
  • So from this scene we’ve established that the 1st generation of heroes lived through a golden age of superhero fighting, but this second generation are spoiled brats, there is not many big villains to fight anymore, and they are more so concerned with celebrity and endorsement deals.
  • We see this female hero named Ruby Red, she dresses in a skimpy red costume with her blonde hair in a ponytail, she flies down and talks Jules Sampson, Jules is the son of Walter aka Brain-Wave. Jules is hanging back, all the other heroes are fighting this villain Blackstar who has an anti-matter battery in his chest, he is going to wait tell they tucker him out, and then maybe get a few punches in. Just then that villain Blackstar crashes to Earth, he is being tackled by Utopian, Utopian smashes him in the face a few times. Then all the other heroes join in, punching this Blackstar. The heroes yell for Walter to get in the villains head and close him down. Walter says, “I’m trying my best but his defenses are incredible.” Walter finally is able to get inside Blackstar’s head. Blackstar in his mind is transported to a beach holiday that Walter created from memory. Blackstar is confused. Walter explains he separated Blackstar’s mind from his physical body, and while he is here, the heroes are beating the shit out of him. Finally when Blackstar is unconscious, Utopian comments, “not exactly the noblest way we’ve ever won a fight.
  • A group of heroes are taking Blackstar back to prison, he apparently wiped out half of Missouri before they finally stopped him. Jules tells his dad Walter that he got winded back there and cut his knee. Sheldon tells Jules to not pretend he was involved, he heard him on the phone talking to his publicist. Grace tells Sheldon that at least Walter’s kid showed up, their children Brandon and Chloe just ignored the emergency call.
  • Walter and Sheldon then have a heated argument. Walter thinks America is collapsing, and the global economy is hanging on by a thread, and they are just out here wrestling like children, when they should be in charge and help more directly. Sheldon thinks that they are not economist, they don’t know how to balance a budget they are just public servants and they should have faith in the government they elected. Walter thinks the politicians are the ones messing things up, and he says to Sheldon, “I’ve been blessed with this incredible brain, isn’t it my moral responsibility to walk into the whitehouse and show the President what he should be doing in his second term.” Sheldon says, “no it’s your responsibility to obey the people this country elected, and I want to hear no more talk about telling people what to do, is that clear?” Walter is upset, but he sarcastically tells his brother, “your wish is our humble command”.
  • We jump back to Chloe. Its 4am, she is hanging out with some friends of her, and they are doing drugs. Chloe is complaining that her parents are displeased with her, they don’t care much about her charity work, its like they just want her punching people in the face. She says, “How can I hurt another living being, I’m a buddhist and a vegetarian, I’m not going to hurt anyone because they contradict my belief system.” Chloe also complains that her parents are too perfect, her mom is like 100 years old, and guys still hit on her, and her mom and dad they just love each other and want to help other people. They are like the only heroes who still keep secret IDs.” Chloe while saying all this, is sniffing some drugs, and all of a sudden it hits her, she starts getting really wobbly, she passes out and falls through the glass table breaking the glass.

Issue 2

  • Brandon is super drunk, his dad told him he should be out there drumming up business and looking for ways to help people, so he is working with some friends of his, and they are helping this cargo boat finish its trip quicker. Brandon is using his Telekinesis with his friends to move the boat quicker and flying it over the land. The Captain thanks him, but even the Captain admits, it’ll only shave a day and a half off their trip at most. Brandon starts losing control though, and the boat starts tipping over, cargo containers start falling off the ship, Brandon starts freaking out. Luckily Brandon’s dad Utopian is flying bye, he was an patrol that night, he lifts the boat right side up, and prevents it from going upside down.
  • Utopian then yells at his son in front of his son’s friends, he says, “Shut Up Brandon, do you realize how many people could have been killed back there? Do you understand what could have happened if I hadn’t been on patrol. You’re so drunk you can barely string a sentence together, it’s bad enough you don’t attend emergencies but now you are causing them.” Brandon tells his dad, “Oh screw you dad! Don’t act like you expected it from me. What the hell’s your problem anyway? You’re angry when I don’t play superhero and your angry when I don’t.” Utopian tells Brandon “My problem is that I wanted a successor and I ended up with a disgrace. I’m ashamed of your behaviors, and disgusted by this shallow celebrity you seem to have chosen for yourself.”
  • We see things are not going that much better with Utopian’s other child. Chloe is in the hospital, she Over-dosed last night, her heart stopped. Her mom had to help get a needle through her chest so her heart could start beating again. The nurse says the whole world knows about this, all the media and paparazzi are outside. She tells Chloe you’re going to be fine though. And so is the baby. Chloe’s is confused, she didn’t know she was pregnant. The nurse apologizes, she though Chloe knew. She tells Chloe she is 11 weeks pregnant.
  • Just then Jules shows up at the hospital, with a gift for his cousin, a teddy bear and flowers.. Chloe says not know this isn’t a good time. Jules still makes his way inside though, and then Chloe loses her temper and yells so loud, that the windows and wall explode a bit. Jules insulted leaves and says, “well screw you”. Chloe is crying. The nurse consoles her and asks Chloe if there is a father on the scene. Chloe says, “it’s complicated…”
  • Across town at a bar, we see a man drinking. His name is Hutch short for his surname Hutchence. His father was George Hutchence aka Skyfox. George Hutchence or Skyfox, was once one of six original superheroes granted powers on the island, and the one-time best friend of Sheldon, but suffered a falling out, that falling out will be explained in Jupiter’s Circle. George became the greatest supervillain of all time. George felt bad that his son Hutch did not have any superhuman powers, and so he customized an old flashlight of Hutch’s into a hand-held weapon called a power rod. The power rod allows Hutch to teleport himself and others to any point on the planet by merely speaking the name of the location, and project energy that can briefly physically repel people like a battering ram as well as remotely control vehicles.
  • So we see this Hutch, who is a little bit of a bad boy, son of a supervillain. And two tough guys come in to give him a hard time. The tough guys grab Hutch’s power rod so Hutch can’t use it. Their boss is pissed at Hutch because he owes him for a suitcase full of heroin. The tough guys tell Hutch not to try anything foolish, they got strength, super speed, sonic screams, optic blasts. And they got Hutch’s power rod. They hold Hutch’s power rod mocking him.
  • Hutch says shark infest waters. And the one tough guy gets teleported to some shark infested waters and gets eaten by sharks and dies. Hutch then says home, and the power rod makes its way back to Hutch. Hutch then tells the other guy to get out of here before he teleports him to the moon. The tough guys runs away. Remember Hutches power rod can teleport someone to anywhere in the world.
  • Just then we see Chloe sitting at the table beside Hutches in her secret Identity. She holds Hutches hand. The two of them are lovers, but keeping it a secret from the world.
  • They eventually make their way to a hotel. Where they make love. Chloe says she hates how they have to keep their relationship a secret. And she has to go and move back in with her parents for 3 months as part of her addiction counselling, or she could lose her advertising contracts. They discuss how messed up their relationship is, he’s the son of the world’s greatest super villain, she’s the daughter of the world’s greatest heroes. Chloe wants to tell Hutch she is pregnant, she tells him “there is something we need to talk about.”
  • We jump to the White House, Walter is holding court with the President and various advisors, he is explaining his very economic policy plan he has worked out to fix the economy and change taxation. Utopia walks down the hallway pissed, and interrupts their meeting, and asks for a word with Walter. Sheldon tells Walter he forbid him from doing this, from trying to take over and influence government this way. Walter says he’s worked it all out, 600 pages of plans that tear up everything we know about wealth creation and detailing a brand new economic infrastructure. The world could be ticking like a swiss watch, poverty and unemployment eradicated in 4 years. Right now Unemployment is as high as 50% in some states. Sheldon says the system isn’t failing, it’s just at a low point in the cycle. Walter argues back, that Sheldon just can’t get his head around his ideas. Sheldon says, “No, you’re just not as smart as you think you are, you’re my brother and I love you, but you’ve always been driven by relentless ego, and I refuse to let you scare them into giving you control. The system works, we just have to trust it, now go back in there and tell the President it’s not our job to tell governments what to do. Walter says back, “why not?” Sheldon says, “Because I said so”. Walter counters, “and you wonder why yours kids are a disenfranchised mess”.
  • Over in West Hollywood, Brandon is drinking away his sorrows and resentment against his father, and his dad embarrassing him infront of his friends with the boat thing. Walter, Brandon’s Uncle talks to his nephew and they both talk about how much they hate Sheldon. Walter says, “you are not the only one alienated with his high handed attitude, I’ve had decades of that arrogant ass, and he talks to my boy like he’s a C-Lister. The countries in the sewer, and he’s tied our hands together, Ask your friends, you’d be surprised how many people want to see him take a tumble. You know you’re very well regarded in the community Brandon, so let me ask you a hypothetical question, if your father were to fall under a bus would you have the courage to really do what needs to be done out there? Brandon asks his uncle if he is serious. Walter says, “I’ve spoken to a lot of people lately and yours is the name that keeps coming up. it’s obvious you’re the only one who could challenge him physically, but what do you think? Is leading something that appeals in anyway?” Brandon says, “absolutely”. The two of them with confidence in their new found agreement stand up and Walter says, “So how do we make this happen?”

Issue 3

  • We see Sheldon is in his secret identity he runs an auto-mechanic shop. Hutch comes to visit him per Sheldon’s request. Sheldon and Hutch head inside the mechanic shop to talk.
  • We see Walter and Brandon are standing atop a satellite dish in space. Brandon says he read Walter’s plans, it blew his mind. Climate engineering, eliminating income tax, underground homes, a ban on all religions, Brandon says he could hardly sleep. Walter tells Brandon his plans are his to choose from. Walter really wants to be in charge, but he can’t defeat Sheldon without Brandon so he is playing to Brandon’s ego and will let him be in charge, but he will really be calling the shots. Walter asks Brandon, “are you ready for the big confrontation? I can handle your mother and sister, but your father is another matter, you’re ready to go head-to-head against him?” Brandon responds in the affirmative. “Totally”.
  • Sheldon and Hutch are talking. Sheldon knows his daughter Chloe is pregnant and Hutch is the father, and he says he does not want his grandkid being raised by a drug dealer. Hutch responds very cocky like and says, “Drug Distributor sir, totally different income bracket”. Hutch says what if he said he was thinking of going straight, settle down and change his way. Sheldon doesn’t believe him, he says, “like your father did, I made the mistake of trusting him once and the consequences were disastrous.
  • All of a sudden, Sheldon senses something, and says, “My god, Stay here” as he flies through the roof. Hutch runs outside wondering what is going on.
  • We see Chloe is arriving at her mother’s house, they hug. Just then, they are attacked by various heroes that have gone over to Walter and Brandon’s side. We see Walter son Jules, Chloe’s cousin, busts through the door of the house and slams Chloe through the house into a nearby car. Jules tells Chloe “sorry cousin, you brought this on yourself.” Grace runs outside of the house and runs to Chloe. Ruby Red tells Grace, “worry about yourself bitch”
  • We see Sheldon is in space, there is a mile wide comet hurling towards Earth. Sheldon is going to stop it, he notices though that it’s a nuclear device, and the entire structure is wired with atomic missiles. Walter back on Earth says, “now”. The nuclear device explodes. Sheldon trying to save the people on Earth by holding the comet back, takes some massive nuclear damage. He begins falling to the Earth.
  • On earth we see Hutch realizes the gravity of the situation. We see Sheldon continues falling to the Earth, and is being attacked by various heroes. Sheldon lands on the Earth. He asks his teammates for backup. The other heroes, at least 20 or more of them, they start attacking Sheldon on the ground, they say they are sick of his bullshit, always telling them what to do. Always bitching at them for not being good enough.
  • We see Grace and Chloe putting up a fight against the heroes attacking them, they appear to be winning, but this is just a trick. Walter actually trapped Grace’s mind inside a psychic construct and she only thought this was happening, in actuality Walter pulled the same trick he did on Blackstar, and the various heroes were all beating the shit out of Grace. When we see what’s actually happened, we see Grace severely injured, she has been stabbed with various swords and other things in various directions sticking out of her body. Walter walks over to her and causes a brain aneurysm in her killing Grace for good. Chloe is screaming no.
  • Walter walks over to his niece, and he promises to end her life quickly. But just then, Hutch teleports in with his power rod. He fires a blast at Walter shooting him back. He then grabs Chloe and teleports to Santa Monica. Walter tells the heroes to get after them, he doesn’t want any loose ends. Hutch and Chloe then teleport to Venice Beach, then Hawaii, Nepal, Hong Kong and finally Sydney, Australia. The heroes report back into Walter that they lost the trail of Hutch and Chloe. Walter is not pleased, but no matter, Sheldon is their priority at the moment.
  • The heroes all continue beating the shit out of Sheldon. Brandon flies down, he tells everyone to stand back. Brandon talks to his dad saying “The entire world has been begging for us to help and you forced us to watch from the sidelines. But there is going to be some changes around here, we’re not going to play by your rules anymore. Walter joins Brandon and tells Sheldon, “it’s time for us to use our powers and pull America back together and your boy is the one with the courage to lead us.” Brandon tells his dad, “You know how different this could have been if you just showed me some respect?” Sheldon tells his son, “Don’t be so blind, he’s playing to your ego, he only wants this for himself!” Brandon replies, “Aw that’s right dad he couldn’t possibly have any faith in your disappointing son!”. Sheldon grabs his sons shirt and pleads, “Brandon, stop that’s not why we’re here”. Brandon replies, “Wrong, that is exactly why we’re here.”
  • Brandon then fires lazers out of his eyes and into his dad’s eyes, causing a massive expulsion of energy. We see the sky lighting up, even at a great distance away.
  • We jump to Australia and Hutch and Chloe are holding each other, they safe, at least for now.
  • We see Walter walk over to Brandon and ask him “That can’t have been easy Brandon, you know in your heart you did the right thing. Now what’s going to be the first thing on your agenda Brandon? What do we do to help our fellow man?” Bradon then replies, “actually I’m not so sure…what do you think Uncle Walter”.
  • Walter got exactly what he wanted. Brandon doesn’t know what to do to lead, it will be all Walter’s plans. We see Sheldon is now dead, his skull has been hollowed out and eviscerated, we can see this through the eye holes in his skull.

Issue 4

  • We jump back to 1932, we are going to learn more about the Island. We see Sheldon and his friend arrive. They walk across the island, they begin to realize what they are actually walking across was alien hardware and what looked like jungle was actually just centuries of vegetation. They eventually discovered the island was a machine. It had been positioned here for a very long time waiting for perfect candidates, shrouded in a cloaking device. They climb to the top, and see a doorway, they walk through it, and all of a sudden they are in a weird room with its own sky. Sheldon says this is the “University” he was telling them about. They see two aliens. Sheldon tells the group, “don’t be scared, these are the creatures who called us here and they only want to help, they know our country is dying right now, and they want us to go back and make everything right again. They are going to give us powers now, they are going to make us better than any of us could ever dream, we just have to trust them.
  • And the aliens bestowed powers onto them. Why did the aliens do this, that is unknown.
  • We jump to Australia, it is the year 2022, it has been nine years since Walter and Brandon killed Sheldon and took over the world. Hutch, Chloe and their new son Jason Hutchence, have been living in secret, hiding from Walter and his patrols. Chloe is telling her son Jason the story of the island and the aliens and her grandparents being heroes. Jason asks, “Did they ever find out who the aliens were, or why they wanted to help so much?” Chloe says they did not. Chloe then tells some other stories about her parents, like when Sheldon proposed to her Grace, he squeezed a lump of coal into a diamond to give to her. Jason is very smart, he must of inherited some powers himself, he knows exactly the process of how a diamond  is created using a rock and applying pressure, and explains it very adeptly. Chloe then looks outside her window, and we see there are security cameras and a big police aircraft flying above the city, and a sign that says no curfew on the street below. Walter and Brandon have turned the world into a big brother police state it seems.
  • Hutch walks in the room, and tells Chloe to stop talking with Jason about the old days, you are going to give him crazy ideas. Jason says, the super people killed mom’s parents dad, there’s nothing crazy about wanting the bad guys brough to justice. Chloe tells Jason that Hutch is right, Uncle Walter doesn’t know you exsist right now, as long as we are hiding there is no reason they should.
  • At Jason’s soccer game the next day he is purposely losing and playing badly in order to mask his powers, his parents cheer on him purposely playing badly. At school Jason’s grades are bad, he’s is purposely getting bad grades, the teacher is telling them he’s learned nothing, Hutch tells the teacher, “well you can’t win’em all,  thanks for trying hope you have better luck with the other kids”. Jason is getting beat up by some bullies, and he just lets them beat him up.
  • Hutch and Jason are walking, it is explained to us, that although Walter and Brandon took over America, things hadn’t worked out as they hoped. Some problems got fixed, but on the whole its been pretty catastrophic, even in Australia they were feeling the impact.
  • As Hutch and Jason are walking, they hear about a chemical plant on fire about 20 miles away, Jason very quickly breaks away from his dad, changes into his superhero outfit, and flies over to stop the fire.
  • Jason sees the smoke cloud, and the fire fighters down below, and manages to spin the smoke cloud into a thunder cloud, which then manages to put the fire out with its rain. Jason then flies back, and changes, and is right there back with his dad, Hutch didn’t even notice Jason was gone. They head home.
  • We see Chloe she is working in pencil factory in Australia, that is her new job while lying low.
  • We see in Washington DC at the Whitehouse.  Brandon is President, he has been President for 9 years, term limits must not exist anymore. Brandon is pissed his Uncle Walter’s plans to fix America are not working. There are food banks and riots in the street, and a swarm of protestors protesting outside. Walter explains, “Oh come on, where was America before we took over? Yes there has been some setbacks, but we’re overturning the entire constitution here. Its only natural there are going to be a few bumps in the road.
  • Brandon says, “I just thought I would be happier with dad out of the way, but I’ve never felt more lost. Why are the plans not working dude? I thought you had this completely sorted.” Walter tells him he needs to look at the bigger picture here. Brandon then says, “Did you hear what that idiot protestor said about our anti-inflationary policy”. Brandon flies outside and lands infront of the protestors and yells at them “GO HOME YOU ASSHOLES!”. The protestors go flying back. They then stand up and applaud Brandon. Which Brandon finds weird. Knowing something is up, he asks his Uncle Walter, “is this you?” Walter admits it is, he was just trying to make Brandon happy and see what he wanted to see, by tinkering with his perception a bit.”
  • Brandon tells Walter, that he is also annoyed they haven’t managed to find Chloe yet, after all these years. Walter shares some good news though, there has been some unexplained activity in Australia it might be nothing, but they have been detecting an unusual amount of rescues in the area, so they are going to have some professionals check it out.
  • The professional Walter is referring to is Barnabas Wolfe (Molecule Master). Barnabas Wolfe is Former super villain with “Sherlock Holmes” style instincts who hunts down rogue superhumans, he now works for Walter and Brandon, and he has the ability to rearrange inorganic matter.

Issue 5

  • We see Barnabas Wolfe is speaking with a Miss Joan Wilson in Melbourne Australia. Barnabas is trying to figure out if this woman is indeed an unlicensed superhuman, and he has authority to question whomever he wants for the government, either in America or in foreign territory to find these rogue superhumans. He asks if he can ask her some questions, and she agrees. Joan is just a claims supervisor in this office.
  • First Barnabas asks, “Why haven’t you seen a doctor in 7 years”. The woman says she hasn’t been sick that is why. Barnabas replies, “That’s entirely reasonable. What about your travel arrangements? We’ve looked through your bank records, and you never bought any gas or even a train ticket.” Joan answers “I don’t have a car, and when I travel I usually pay with loose change.” Barnabas accepts this and asks, “You don’t seem to pay any heating bills, not even in winter do you switch on the heat”. Joan answers “I don’t have the money so I usually just wear an extra sweater”.
  • Barnabas replies, “Miss Wilson, I’m embarrassed to say there’s been a terrible misunderstanding. My apologies for wasting your time, your answers all seem quiet in order. Just one last thing before I leave.
    I’ve been rearranging the air molecules in here to something not dissimilar to knockout gas, could you explain why you and I are the only two people in the room still conscious.
  • Joan looks behind her and realizes everyone in her office has been knocked out, she is not going to be able to explain this away. She says, “oh shit” and she starts running towards the window and jumps out. She then becomes gigantic, Joan Wilson real name is Shelley Weaver AKA Skyscraper, the world’s tallest criminal. Barnabas uses his powers to trip Shelley as she runs away. Shelley falls to the ground, and Barnabas calls in a team to arrest her. It’s not Chloe whom he was hoping for, but at least he bagged another missing felon.
  • We see on the moon. Jason is flying around, and his mom is waiting for him. Upset. Jason asks his mom how she found out he was coming to the moon. Chloe says she detected micro-particles on the underside of Jason’s shoe. She is upset because both her and Hutch forbid Jason from using his powers. Jason explains he was building a meta-scanner, a device that can detect all the earth’s population with augmented genes. There might be 100 superheroes on Earth, now working for Walter. But there are at least some supervillains that are in hiding. Jason wants to build a team of thieves to take Walter down. He tells his mom, we can’t just stay here and do nothing. Chloe says it is too dangerous, and she orders Jason to destroy this device. She tells Jason, “you think I like working at a pencil factory, We’re hiding out here to keep you alive Jason, they already killed my mom and dad, I’m not going to let them get the only people I have left.”
  • Barnabas Wolfe is reporting into Walter. They haven’t found Chloe yet, but they did find a boy, he covered his tracks well, but they found an image of him in a reflection in a single drop of rain. He doesn’t know who the boy is, he isn’t one of the 28 super criminals they know of still out there in the world, but Barnabas is confident they can set a trap for him.
  • On the school bus, some bullies are beating up Jason. But then one of the girls on the bus interrupts, and tells Jason, “there’s something going on downtown, she heard it on the radio, the harbor bridge collapsed and people might drown, he needs to go save people.” Jason plays dumb like he doesn’t know what she is talking about, but she says, “look I sit beside you in class everyday, you don’t think I notice, an emergency pops up, you disappear the emergency gets fixed you come back with some weird excuse why you were gone.” Jason says right, he then leaves out the back of the bus to fly to this emergency. The girl then tells the bullies and everyone on the bus, “the door fell off, you understand, not a word to anyone about this”.
  • Jason arrives at the bridge emergency. He knows he wasn’t supposed to but he couldn’t help doing the right thing. Barnabas Wolfe is there waiting for him, he set this whole thing up. Barnabas manages to knock Jason out of the sky by firing at him with a neural blast. They should kill Jason’s motor functions for a few minutes. Barnabas tells Jason, “did you really think we wouldn’t catch you? A man with my reputation not noticing all your silly rescues.” Jason just says, “oh, mommy please help me.” Barnabas to this says, “Now I just feel bad, I knew he was a little boy, but this is really over the top, I didn’t expect him to cry for his mom.” “mommy isn’t coming little man, wherever she is, she’s hardly going to hear you all the way out here.” But Barnabas was wrong. Chloe did here. She flies in as fast as she can. With her powers she manages ability to melt the soldiers rifles despite being at long-range. And then she arrives and stands infront of her son protecting him and says, “wrong, Mommy hears everything”.
  • Chloe then uses some Telekinesis and sends all these bricks flying back at all these soldiers. Hutch sees Chloe fighting on TV, and says “holy shit”
  • Chloe is fighting Barnabas, she punches through his particle shield, then she punches him in the face.
  • The Soldiers prepare to open fire on Jason. Jason is back up though and ready to take them on. Just then though, Hutch teleports on the scene and his power rod can remotely control vehicles, so he manages to make a moving train run through all these soldiers here. Honestly I don’t really get how his rod gives him that power, but whatever I guess.
  • Hutch tells the soldiers to get the hell away from my son, as he blasts them with his power rod. Chloe and Barnabas are still going at it. Jason is kicking some soldiers back.
  • The battle is being broadcast on the news.
  • Barnabas is gloating telling Chloe she has no chance, he as reinforcements coming in. Chloe replies “Things have changed Barnabas, I’m not a little girl anymore. My mom was a superhero, my dad was a superhero, that means I won this fight before you got out of bed. She then manages to send out an explosion of energy and push Barnabas and all his soldiers back. She then slams Barnabas with some metal object and kills him. She then says, “I guess the party girl grew up”. Hutch tells her, “there is no coming back from this” Chloe says “I don’t care it’s the right thing to do, we’ve sat on our hands long enough. They then teleport away with Hutches power rod.
  • We see Brandon is in a meeting but someone tells him his sister has been found, “He is surprised”
  • We see at the North pole, in a small trailer, Hutch, Chloe and Jason are hiding out there. Hutch asks what the plan is? Chloe says “Jason will build another scanner, and then we’ll round up all your Criminal Friends and then we go back and free America from Brandon and Uncle Walter. Hutch says, “There’s maybe 20 of my guys out there, and 100 on their side. Do you know our chances in a fight like that?
  • Chloe says, “When did superheroes ever care about the odds?”
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