Jupiter’s Circle – Volume 1 (2015) – Full Comic Story & Review

Full Comic Story and Review/Recap for Jupiter’s Circle – Volume 1 (issues #1-6) initially released in trade paperback in 2015. This comic is the prequel to Jupiter’s Legacy. It should ideally be read between Jupiter’s Legacy Volume 1 and 2.

The most celebrated superheroes in mid-century America seem to have it all— fame, riches, adoration—but tensions simmer beneath the glossy surface, threatening to crack open the secrets behind their public AND private exploits. Before the family dynasty in JUPITER’S LEGACY began, there was JUPITER’S CIRCLE—a story about a team whose personal dramas collide with super-powered spectacle!

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Wilfredo Torres, David Gianfelice
Cover Artist: Frank Quitely

Issue 1 at 1:31
Issue 2 at 8:02
Issue 3 at 13:36
Issue 4 at 18:48
Issue 5 at 24:47
Issue 6 at 29:33

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Issue 1 – Richard Conrad, The Blue-Bolt Part 1

  • The year is 1959, we see there are statues to those original 6 heroes. We see some of their costumes and mementos from their adventures are on display.
  • We see Richard Conrad (Blue-Bolt), he uses a power rod to harness his powers, he is a super hero, a doctor, and also a closeted homosexual. He got knocked over to this diner in the middle of a superhero fight. Later on we  see Richard is in a hotel with one of his lovers.
  • We see Blue Bolt fighting an alien with his power rod. Over at the Union HQ, Grace (Lady Liberty) tells Sheldon Sampson (Utopian) and George Hutchence (Skyfox) that there is an alien attack in North Carolina. They change into their costumes, Skyfox’s on the left, Utopian’s on the right.
  • The alien was taking over people’s mind, even Bob “Fitz” Fleton (Flare) and Walter Sampson (Brain-Wave), were taken over. Eventually Skyfox shows up, and blast the alien with a sonic boom weapon device he created. The alien gets knocked out and Utopian and Lady Liberty fly the alien into space. They saved the day.
  • Back at the Union HQ, they are all celebrating. We see all their trophies from various escapades hanging about. We learn that Skyfox is very rich, he bought them this base, and he’ll buy them a new one if they need more room for their trophies. Walter tells them, the FBI made them a proposal and they should all look into it. Utopian thinks that would not be wise, they need to stay above politics. Even back in the 50s, Walter and Sheldon have this same divide, that eventually lead to Walter betraying his brother in Jupiter’s Legacy. Walter says J. Edgar Hoover (who was the FBI director at the time), just wants to make them more official, the Union would be their own division and only accountable to the President and Hoover himself, and they would be given massive federal funding. Skyfox says Hoover is an asshole, and he can’t control us, and it bugs him. Besides Skyfox can pay for whatever funding the Union needs.
  • After their little argument. They are going to go for cocktails. But The Flare says he has to go home, he has a baby now. Blue-Bolt says he has a hot date with a blonde nurse in LA.
  • We see Blue-Bolt real date is in the park, where homosexual men meet up and pleasure each other in secret with casual sex. The cops come into the park to bust them though. Blue-Bolt flies away before they can get him thought.
  • The next day Blue-Bolt is reading the newspaper and he sees 5 other gay men were arrested in that park raid. He confides in his friend Danny, how that could have been him. Imagine if he got caught too. Imagine what his fellow superheroes would think, his family is in politics they would be ruined, it would also have ruined his reputation.
  • One of his friends tells him that the actress Katie Hepburn is having a party tomorrow night, and he is invited,
  • At Katie’s Hollywood party, Katie Hepburn confides in Richard (Blue-Bolt) that half of hollywood is in lavender marriages, at least you are out there every day saving people, why should you have to lie about who you’re snuggling up with at night. She tells him a double life is a terrible strain, and you are living a triple life. One life is his civilian identity as a Doctor. Another life is his superhero identity, and the last life Blue-Bolt lives is his secret homosexual life. Katie introduces Richard to her gardener, Frank The Gardener. Frank and Richard get friendly, and they start kissing each other at the party. We see later on at the party the two start kissing and making out. A Waiter comes by and snaps their picture with a secret camera in his tie.
  • A few days later, Richard is in the hospital working as a doctor, when an Agent Clyde Tolson for the FBI informs Richard that FBI Director Herbert Hoover is waiting for him in his office.
  • FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, then displays all the secret photos of Richard making out with that other man, and is blackmailing him, in exchange for Richard telling him all his friends secret identities. For those of you unfamiliar with history, J. Edgar Hoover, was director of the FBI from 1924 to his death in 1972. He often abused his power and kept secret info on many people, and would blackmail them to do as he pleased. There was also rumors he was a closeted homosexual himself.

Issue 2 – Richard Conrad, The Blue-Bolt Part 2

  • Blue-Bolt is staring at the photos and conflicted on what he is going to do. Hoover tells Richards, you either give me the names of your teammates, or every news agency in the country is going to see these pictures. Can you imagine what Utopian would say, or your family in politics? Give me their names in 48-hours and special agent Tolson and I make this all go away.
  • Blue-Bolt is taking to his friend Danny, and Danny tells him that the story goes that J Edgar Hoover and this Special Agent Clyde Tolson have been secretly lovers for years, but it doesn’t stop him from blackmailing other people. Richard said this doesn’t help him, he is not going to take on the FBI. Danny suggest maybe marrying some poor girl, have a fake marriage. Richard says that’s no good, plus they have photos of him anyway. Danny says, well then just come clean to the world. Richard says “tell the world I’m queer, are you out of your mind?”
  • Hoover gives Richard another call, and tells him, 12-more hours Doctor Conrad, I’m absolutely serious.
  • Blue-Bolt he can’t betray his friends, but he can’t deal with this coming out either. So he feels committing suicide is the only way out. He gets into the bathtub, takes tons of pulls, and slits his wrist. It didn’t take though, The Flare found Richard in the bathtub, and took him to the hospital. Richard wakes up in the Los Angeles hospital recovering, with bandages on his arm. The Union members are there visiting him, and wonder, what could have drove Richard to attempt suicide.
  • Grace found the suicide note Richard wrote, one line reads “I just hope you appreciate why I’ve done what I’ve done”. This hits Skyfox especially hard, and he tears up.
  • Later on Hoover visits Richard in the hospital and tells him “You don’t think you’re getting out of this that easily do you? Give me their names you drama Queen.” Hoover continues threatening Richard, but Richard says, “Never. I’m never telling you. These powers are for the World not you.” Hoover replies, “Well the world will be very amused with these pictures of you and Frank The Gardener.” Richard responds, “It couldn’t be any worse than this, I don’t care”. Hoover says, “what about your family, won’t they be ashamed?” Richard replies, “They’d be more ashamed if I helped a man like you. They raised me to stand up to bullies, and that’s exactly what I’m doing now. I’m not afraid of aliens, Robots, Super-Villains or Monsters, Why should I be scared of a little man with some dirty pictures.” Hoover asks, “And these are your final words on the matter?” Richard responds, “No my final words are go F yourself, and close the door on your way out.
  • Back at The Union HQ, Richard is talking with Grace, and tells her Hoover dropped the whole thing. He doesn’t know why. He received a telegram saying he wasn’t going to pursue this and no further action will be taken. He even sent the negatives of the pictures as a gesture of goodwill.
  • Blue Bolt then walks into the meeting room of the Union, and he is worried the rest of the team will hate him because he is gay, grace tells him “don’t be ridiculous, you’ve known these guys since College, they aren’t going to turn their backs on you now.” The Utopian asks Blue Bolt to join them. He asks the team, “There’s nothing you want to talk to me about?” Utopian says, “no, is there something you’d like to tell us”. Blue-Bolt says “not especially”. Utopian begins giving a mission briefing.
  • So it’s not a big deal to the team, the fact that Richard is gay, they aren’t going to even discuss it. Grace tells Blue-Bolt “told you”. Blue Bolt is happy.
  • Although in the meeting, Skyfox and Walter talk. Walter whispers to Skyfox, “I can’t believe I was the only one who had a problem with a homo on the team.” Skyfox tells Walter to shut up. Walter asks what do you think really changed Hoover’s mind.
  • We see in the past, Skyfox showed up at the FBI building, and presented pictures of Hoover and Agent Clyde Tolson having sex together. Hoover says, “you son of a bitch, this is black mail!” Skyfox holds Hoover’s shoulders and says, “Look who’s talking”. So this is why Hoover gave up trying to blackmail Blue-Bolt.

Issue 3 – Bob “Fitz” Fleton, The Flare Part 1

  • Bob “Fitz” Fleton (The Flare), he is in the Midwest. He saves this small town from this shitty villain called The Puppeteer. After saving this town, he meets 19 year old April Kelly. Apil Kelly asks Fitz if he’d like to come over for coffee. He agrees, blinded by her youthful beauty. They are chatting, and April says he’s going to laugh, but she always wanted to be a superhero like him, and the others in The Union. Fitz asks her if she has any powers? She says not really, If someone’s pregnant she can usually tell before they tell her. Or if her mom loses her glasses, she usually finds them.  She then wants to show Fitz something crazy. She changes into her hero costume, and models it for Fitz. She tells him “my dad says my head’s in the clouds.” Fitz tells her, “you look amazing”. She asks him, “do you really think I have what it takes?” He says definitely. And they kiss and being making out.
  • There is one thing though. Fitz is actually married with kids. He returns home later that night, tells his wife, Joyce Fleton, that The Puppeteer took longer to take down that expected. He then gets in bed with her to go to bed.
  • We see later on, he is still carrying on this affair with this April Kelly.  They are at this warehouse, going to stop some criminals together. Remember this April has no powers, other than being a hot 19 year old. Fitz says he’s going to go inside and take down the heavy hitters, and then she stay outside and take down any stragglers. He goes in, and takes ton of the criminals out. April gets into position, as one of the bad guys makes a run for it, April lifts this rope and trips him. Fitz tells her, “nice work partner”. In the news paper the headline says, “The Flare & Miracle Girl Bust Crime Syndicate.
  • Later on Fitz is talking with Skyfox, and Skyfox comments, “I see you got a nubile young sidekick Fitz?” Fitz asks what do you think of her? Skyfox replies, “I think a married man should be more careful who he does a team up with, romeo.
  • Back at home Fitz is with his wife and 3 kids. His one son is giving him the stink eye.
  • Fitz is then back with April in bed, Fitz is complaining about his marriage, how much him and his wife changed. Fitz loves April’s youth and enthusiasm for everything, and how she has an interest in his work. April asks Fitz if he can get her on the team? Referring to The Union.
  • Fitz asks his team members, and they all think this is ridiculous. Utopian says, “Is this some kind of joke?” Skyfox says, “a 19 year old girl with no powers, and you’re asking if she can join the union?” Grace chimes in “You are making a fool of yourself. You’re taking advantage of a starstruck teenager and you need to get a grip.” Yo she’s going to be almost 20 soon Grace, c’mon! haha. Fitz argues “She’s in love with me” Skyfox counters, “your wife is in love with you”. Fitz argues, “So Richard can have boyfriends but I can’t date a girl?”. Utopian tells Fitz, “End this now or you’re off the team.
  • So Fitz did. He sent April home on a bus. Fitz is then drinking at a bar, still salty about the whole situation he tells the bartender everything. The bartender asks him, “So you’re happy being back in your old life again with your wife?” Fitz says, “Are you kidding, I’m miserable as sin, but when you become a parent, kids come first.” The bartender then says, “And that’s the lesson you’re teaching your kids? To stay in something even when they’re miserable? If I’d met someone I thought I loved I’m not sure I’d have given up so easily. What if this was your big shot? What if this never happens again.
  • All of a sudden, For Fitz, a light bulb goes off in his head. He runs 400 miles to catch up with April’s bus. He tells her to tell the bus driver to stop. He then proposes to her, and judging by her happy face, she says yes.
  • We see Joyce is with her kids, and one of the kid, who’s name is Peter Fleton. Peter tells her, “Don’t worry mom you still have us, dad will get what’s coming to him”

Issue 4 – Bob “Fitz” Fleton, The Flare Part 2

  • We see some teenage heroes. They are hanging out at the beach. They do this game, where the guys fly the girls over the water and drop them, and then go save them before they hit the water, they call it Rescues By Midnight.
  •  They are all on the beach smoking Marijuana, we see Fitz is with April, as well as a whole bunch of other teenagers. April is thinking of joining the teen team, she thinks it’s pretty cool here. One of the teen team members tells her she is welcome to join, they don’t care much about having super powers, they are pretty relaxed about stuff like that. Fitz getting kind of jealous of April maybe getting away from him tells her, “your too old to join the teen team, your birthday is in 4 weeks and you’ll be twenty. Besides now that we are engaged, The Union will have to let you on the team.
  • We see Grace is talking with Joyce, Fitz’s now ex-wife. Joyce says “Fitz is making a fool of himself, I just wish he’d stop rubbing our faces in it with all the magazine covers and Hollywood parties. That’s what’s going to be the hardest thing when he comes back home, this constant humiliation. Grace asks, “what makes you think he’s coming home Joyce?” Joyce says, “I’ve known him since we were 21, I know Fitz better than he knows himself.”
  • We see Peter, Fitz’ boy is throwing some rocks into the water, his powers are just starting to kick in a bit. Skyfox and Utopian are talking with him. They ask him what’s his plan once his powers come in more fully. Peter throws a rock all the way at an airplane in the sky and says “I’m going to kill my dad”.
  • We jump back over to Fitz and April. They are at a Hollywood party with Liberace. For those of you unfamiliar, Liberace was a famous, pianist, singer and actor. At the height of his fame, from the 1950s to the 1970s, Liberace was the highest-paid entertainer in the world. He was also a closeted homosexual keeping that secret. He was also apparent a worshiping  Satanist for a short period of time, I looked it up, it’s apparently true. We see here Liberace is preaching the words of Satan giving April a gift he tells her, “Wear this as a reminder that you only need to ask and your infernal master is happy to provide.
  • Fitz think Liberace is trying to jump his fiance, and he yells at Liberace and leaves the party with April in anger.
  • Back at April’s apartment in the city, they are having sex, and april says she wishes he wasn’t so jealous. Fitz can’t help it though. He is 20 pounds overweight, losing some hair, he is worried some young guy will steal her away. April says she is not going anywhere, “I’m dating a superhero silly, what could be better than that?” They start making out, all of a sudden Fitz signal device goes off. The Union is upset with him lately, so the fact they called him in, must mean the situation is really bad, and he is really needed.
  • Fitz shows up to the fight. Grace explains superheroes from another universe showed up, they are evil and they’ve come here in giant ships to plunder our resources.
  • As the fighting continues, the evil heroes mothership is crashing down to Earth, Fitz volunteers to steer it off course to make it avoid killing people. He flies over to the ship and tries pulling it off course, but it is heavier than he thought. He succeeds in bringing the ship off course and into an open field. But Fitz managed to go down with the ship in the crash.
  • Later on, we see at the hospital the Union is there to visit Fitz, he’s damaged everywhere from the neck down. Grace says she is worried about what happens next, he will need round the clock care for a long long time. Who is going to look after him. Utopian says “her I guess” referencing April. April says “don’t look at me, I can barely look after myself. Fitz and I were just having fun, he needs someone older if this is going to get done right. I’m only 19 for Christsake.” So April bounces.
  • Later on, Joyce and the kids arrive at the hospital, Joyce is going to take care of Fitz. Fitz in embarrassment at what he put his wife through says, “Oh joyce I can’t even look at you.” Joyce says “You’re an idiot Fitz… But that doesn’t mean we don’t still love you.” Even Peter, Fitz’s batshit insane son who wanted to kill him earlier is happy now, and he hugs his dad. Fitz tells his family he loves them too.”

Issue 5 – George Hutchence (Skyfox) and Walter Sampson (Brainwave) Part 1

  • George Hutchence, Skyfox. Father of Hutch from Jupiter’s Legacy. George is the partier of the group. He’s rich, he’s a real playboy, he’s kind of like Bruce Wayne, except he’s also an alcoholic like Tony Stark. We see him sleeping in the trash in an alleyway one night. But his butler Cuthbert, is always there to help him get through the day. We see Cuthburt will do whatever to please whatever eccentric whim George has. For breakfast Cuthburt lays out all cooked hardboiled eggs, and he says, “Your eggs Master George, the yolks hardened in varying degrees from number one to ninety-nine. George says, “I think I’ll go with 72 this morning Cuthbert.
  • We see this woman Sunny, she is getting a ride in a taxi. She is the love of George’s life. Skyfox knocks some criminals out of this office building window down to the street below. Skyfox is telling the police what happened but then Sunny left the cab she was in, because traffic was halted to a stop because of the criminals on the street. Skyfox distracted by her beauty, leaves the police officer, and asks Sunny out on a date right there. He says, “I don’t mean to be presumptuous, but would you care to join a handsome man for an expensive lunch and obscene amount of alcohol. She says she’d love to, but she is on her way to a modeling assignment at Max Factor. Skyfox says he owns that company, let’s change your appointment to tomorrow.
  • So they started dating. Skyfox famously slept with 1000 woman, but when he was with Sunny, something changed in him. He only wanted her. Skyfox still liked partying and crazy antics though.
  • One night with the help of some booze and some wannabe sidekicks, he gets them to lift up Walter Sampson’s apartment, remove it from the building, and fly it somewhere else. He tells the sidekicks, “keep it steady, it’s only funny if its still in one piece.”
  • Next day, Walter storms over to Skyfox and yells at him and says, “Where’s my apartment you asshole!?” My Penthouse where have you hidden it?”. Skyfox replies “Walter please I’m building the ultimate  super-prison to keep a lid on all of these breakouts. I’m far too busy reviewing my schematics to indulge in any schoolboy tomfoolery.” Utopian tells Skyfox, “where have you hidden it George.” Skyfox says, “He might want to try Africa.”
  • Walter in anger says, “I knew this was you, you drunken oaf, why are you always needling me like this? Ever since we were kids!” Skyfox says, “because it’s never not hilarious Walter”. Walter yells “you’ll regret this”. Skyfox retorts, “not as much as you’ll regret that mustache”. Even Utopian kind of laughs at this back and forth between the two of them.
  • George he loved this Sunny. He came up with this ridiculous way to propose to her, by rigging up all these explosions on the moon to spell out “Will You Marry Me?”. We see the explosion goes off on the moon, but there is a problem. Sunny says no. George doesn’t understand, he is pleading with her why not?” Sunny says, “I need a grown up”. George was just to unserious for her.
  • We see Sunny is with Walter. She tells him “I’m 26 next month, I want to start a family. I can’t have a husband who acts like a child. Oh god why am I unloading this on you? Walter says its fine.” Sunny says, “You’re just so nice and kind Walter. Always putting up with George’s bullshit.” She tears up, and they kiss.” She says, “Oh Jesus, do you know what this will do to the team?” Walter says “I don’t care.” And they remove their clothes.

Issue 6 – George Hutchence (Skyfox) and Walter Sampson (Brainwave) Part 2

  • Skyfox is visibly angry. Cuthbert his butler can’t even get him to drink some booze. Skyfox drives angirly.
  • We see Walter and Sunny, Sunny is actually a photoshoot right now, and Walter is giving the Quarterly Report to the Board, but Walter is in both of their minds and they are having a psychic affair with one another, and he created a psychic date for both of them to go on right now in Paris. Sunny thinks it looks amazing. Walter says he is tired of the two of them hiding like we’re ashamed, he wants to do something in real life the two of them. Sunny says, “What if Utopian kicks you off the team?” Walter says “For falling in love? Besides Sheldon is my brother, him and George may go way back but blood is always thicker than water.” Relax. It’s all going to be fine.
  • Next scene we see Skyfox punches Walter in the face. Blue-Bolt and Grace try to hold Skyfox back, but he tells them to get away from him. Skyfox tells Walter, “Set her free or I’ll knock your goddamn teeth out.” He punches Walter again. He tells them, “he used his powers to steal my girl. All because I made a few digs.” Walter tries to do a psychic attack on Skyfox but it has no effect. Skyfox says, “bad news asshole, I built special ear plugs.” Now stop messing with Sunny’s head or I’m going to punch you through a wall.” Sheldon steps in, and stops Skyfox from attacking. Skyfox tells Sheldon, “can’t you see what’s happening here?” Sheldon tells him “one mile up, now”
  • They fly into the sky. Skyfox tells Sheldon, “He turned her against me”. Sheldon tells Skyfox “don’t be ridiculous”. Skyfox claims “We were the happiest we’ve ever been, all we talked about was marriage and kids. He’s doing this to mess with me, because I was riding him.” Sheldon says, “List to yourself”. Skyfox replies, “So how do you explain what happened then?” Sheldon answers, “Well this might come as a shock but you can be a little much sometimes”.
  • Skyfox in disbeleif says, “You’re taking Walter’s side? After all these years?” Sheldon replies, “She’s met someone else George, just accept it”. Skyfox ends by saying, “You can all go to hell” he then flies away.
  • Sometime passes. Sheldon and Grace are at George’s manor. Cuthburt the butler tells them that George just left. He transferred his entire estate over to Sheldon, with the exception of a generous pension for Cuthburt. Sheldon can’t believe it, George really did love this Sunny.
  • We see Walter and Sunny getting married.
  • Later on, we see Walter finish off the construction of an escape proof prison, big enough to hold 1,000 prisoners. This was originally George’s designs, but Walter finished it. Sheldon asks his brother, “so that feeling that George had, that you used your psychic powers to break him and sunny up, it isn’t true is it?” Walter answers, “Thanks a lot Sheldon. And you wonder why we aren’t close.” Sheldon apologizes.
  • Sheldon and Grace talk. No one has seen George in 15 weeks. Grace says “He’ll be back.”
  • We are in Kentucky. We see a police chase going down, armed robbers, cops chasing the crooks. George is sitting in a diner drinking a coffee. He tells the waitress, “these things happen” armed robbery. He has no intention of stepping in to stop it. He puts out his cigarette. Puts on his hat, heads outside the diner, and walks off into the distance.
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