Jupiter’s Circle – Volume 2 (2016) – Full Comic Story & Review

Full Comic Story and Review/Recap for Jupiter’s Circle- Volume 2 (issues #1-5) initially released in trade paperback in 2016.

In mid-century America, the world’s greatest superheroes triumph in their public battles, while struggling with private ones. Social and political unrest take a personal toll as suspicion and betrayal cast a shadow over the most trusted friendships.

*1st Generation Heroes*
Sheldon Sampson (Utopian)
Grace Kennedy Sampson (Lady Liberty)
Walter Sampson (Brain-Wave)
George Hutchence (Skyfox)
Richard Conrad (Blue-Bolt)
Bob “Fitz” Fleton (Flare)

*Other Characters*
Jane Sampson – Sheldon’s 1st Wife
Dr. Jack Hobbs – World’s Smartest Man & Villain
John D. Rockefeller – Super Rich Business Tycoon

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Wilfredo Torres, Chris Sprouse

Issue 1 at 1:59
Issue 2 at 9:20
Issue 3 at 14:02
Issue 4 at 20:52
Issue 5 at 28:27
Issue 6 at 36:12

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Issue 1 – Sheldon and his 1st wife Jane, Grace and her struggles with men.

  • We see Sheldon Sampson, The Utopian, with his wife Jane Sampson, she has no powers. Up to this point we assumed Grace aka Lady Liberty was always the Utopian wife because we see them married in Jupiter’s Legacy, but that happened later. before Grace, Sheldon was married to Jane, his college sweetheart. Jane was his fiance before Sheldon got powers, when Sheldon went looking for the island, Jane thought he was crazy and dumped him. But when Sheldon went to the island and came back with powers and he wasn’t crazy, they got back together, and eventually married.
  • So we see Sheldon is flying Jane around in a space suit. They are going to have a date in space. Jane explains how perfect Sheldon and her life is together. Every morning Sheldon brings her breakfast in bed with ingredients from all over the globe. Her clothes are all ironed and hanging up for her, and Sheldon does all the house chores, even though Sheldon is the world’s greatest super hero and one of America’s most successful CEOs. They have dinner every night in a different city around the world. And Sheldon strives to make her happy every single day and their life is so perfect.
  • We see Grace, her civilian identity is a lawyer, she has resorted to personal ads in the paper to try and find a man, which is that eras version of online dating. On TV in her office, they see a villain known as Professor Prism has stolen all of New York’s colors and every can only see black & white now, and he is holding the colors ransom for 10 million dollars. Grace turns into Lady Liberty and easily takes Professor Prism down. Later on Grace is having dinner with Jane, and she explains she’s been on 11 dates and not a single man wanted to see her again. Jane tells her she should find a young sailor on leave and just go to a motel and screw his brains out. Grace asks Jane what her and Sheldon are doing for their anniversary, and Jane tells her that Sheldon is taking her for a date to one of Jupiter’s moons.
  • We jump back to that scene in the beginning. Sheldon and Jane are in space. They arrive on Jupiter’s moon. Sheldon in a telekinetic bubble brought enough oxygen to last them a few hours, so Jane is free to remove her helmet, and they can have a picnic here on Jupiter’s moon.
  • They start having their picnic, and Jane comments how Grace always had a crush on Sheldon, but Sheldon tells Jane that he wasn’t in love with Grace. Jane says she feels sorry for Grace sometimes, she’s never had a boyfriend since she came back with powers, it’s like the men she dates know dep down she’s too good for them. Grace every weekend goes to this deserted island to this beach and just reads tons of books, I think she is the loneliest person I’ve ever met.
  • Sheldon he gets startled, he hears something, a signal 1000 miles from here, a low pulse beat at an ultra-high frequency, inaudible to the human ear. He tells Jane to stay here in the air bubble, he is going to check it out. He flies away, and deep into the surface of Jupiter’s moon, digging his way deep under ground. He finds a weird device, he picks it up and looks at it. He also sees an entire underground subterranean city.
  • Sheldon flies back up to Jane, he tells her he has no idea what it was, there was some kind of city built 1 million years ago, but it was abandoned, with no signs of life. All he found was this transmitter device, sending out a tiny signal. He shows Jane the device. Jane asks to go home now, she has a bad feeling about this place.
  • We jump back over to Grace in San Diego, she is following Jane’s advice and finds a sailor to take back to her hotel and have sex with. The sailor tells her, “I don’t think I’ve ever met a woman like you before, it takes some balls to walk into a bar like that”. They walk into the hotel room, and Grace tells the sailor, “would you shut up, I just want it hard, up against the door”. The sailor says “your crazy”. But he’s still kind of into it.
  • They start kissing and making out, Grace tells the sailor “get these off” referring to his pants. All of a sudden though, something in the sailor’s mind just clicks, he pauses and hesitates. Grace asks “what’s the matter”. The saillor says, “I don’t know this just feels weird.” Grace asks “what do you mean?” The sailor says, “I dunno. Like we shouldn’t be doing this. Like I shouldn’t even be here.” Grace frustrated says, “oh jesus not again. Just leave. I’m used to it.” The sailor leaves. So it’s interesting how Grace seems to have it all, but she can’t attract a man. Perhaps Jane’s theory about Grace that “the men she dates seem to know deep down she’s too good for them” is in fact true. This is observation is especially poignant, when we see how Jane and Sheldon’s relationship plays out in the future, Sheldon like Grace is also “too good”.
  • Sheldon and Jane’s relationship for now continues to play out. Sheldon continues to be perfect. In the morning Jane wakes up to a flower from every country in the world. He made Jane breakfast and walked her to work, sort of how you would imagine Clark Kent doing with Lois. Meanwhile Grace is still alone with her books.
  • At the end of the issue, Sheldon shows Walter the device he picked up from Jupiter’s and they put it on display in their base. Walter asks “what do you think it is?” Sheldon has no idea, and it scares him.

Issue 2 – Skyfox and his post-hero life with beatniks

  • Berkeley 1965, George Hutchence, Skyfox, is still hiding from his past life. He is living as a drifter, a wanderer, a beatnik,  living with some counter-culture types, doing drugs and debating his life. He tells the group about his time as a hero, “I realized I was just a henchman for the political elite and was using my powers to suppress America’s underclass.” “America is fine as lkong as you can pay for it. Become extraneous to the capitalist machine and it will chew you up and spit you out”. When his fiancee Sunny dumped him, he assumed it was because Walter did something psychically to her, he never just considered maybe he was unbearable to be around. One of the guys in the room asks George, “have you ever wondered why the aliens gave you those powers?” George answers, “to go back home and rescue America?” The guy in the room responds, “but why save a system that almost ruined it. Maybe they didn’t want you to rescue the old ways, do you ever think you were sent to destroy it? To build something new and better?” George as he watches the cops harrassing african Americans on TV during the heart of the battle for Civil Rights for people of a different color, George says, “maybe. I just never had the nerve”
  • We see outside of the Union HQ, Blue-Bolt is still pretending to be straight to the public, and the press is asking him about all his supposed love affairs with young hollywood starlets, but Blue-Bolt still secretly slips his phone number to one of the make reporters.
  • Fitz is with his family, they seem happy. It’s been a long 5 years of healing since his injury back in Jupiter’s Circle Volume 1, but he is healed and ready to return to work. He shows up at a press conference and answers questions about his recovery and how he is at 80% now, and how Skyfox paid his bills why he recovered. The reporters ask if the rumours about Skyfox are true, how he is a beatnik who wanders the country. Grace steps in and says it’s not appropriate for us to answer that, we respect Skyfox’s secret identity since he retired, and we just remember all the good work he did.
  • One of the reporters asks, “any truth they’ll be using you against the negroes tonight?” Flare is shocked and says “what?” The Reporter elaborates, “The riots in Los Angeles, police is bringing in the national guard, word is they’ve been talking to you guys to.” Utopian says we would not get involved in such a sensitive issue, the President asked us to leave this to local law enforcement. Walter is exasperated at how this press conference is going off the rails.
  • Back to George, we see his is passed out in the pool. He wakes up and goes inside, he was apparently in the pool for 11.5 hours. They all watch the riots on TV in disbelief, George comments, you treat people like animals, they’re eventually going to bite. I can’t just stand here doing nothing.”  The one woman asks “so what are you going to do?” George answers  I don’t know,  but I’m not watching kids get shot at.” George watches the police beat people in the streets, and he says “where’s my costume.”
  • We see the stand-off going down in LA between the cops and the rioters. George arrives between both groups. The cops think Skyfox is there to help them, one cop saying “Oh yeah, you little shits are going to get it now”, but Skyfox winks to the crowd, and then uses his telekinesis powers to push the cops and all their cars back. The cops go flying back and crash into the ground. Skyfox tells the rioters “Cops are down windows are broken, take whatever you need.”

Issue 3 – Further Escalations with Skyfox, Sheldon and his charity work, Meet Dr. Jack Hobbs one of the Unions greatest villains

  • 1966. Skyfox has kidnapped the Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey, and is pointing a gun to his head on TV. Skyfox says, “Pull the tropps out of Vietnam or I give the vice president to the Vietcong.
  • The Union are watching this message on TV of their previous teammate. Grace asks “Why did he kidnap the VP and not LBJ? Utopian says “George said he didn’t want to leave the country rudderless. I guess there’s still some shred of decenecy in there.” Fitz tells Walter, I can’t believe he’d do this, what is he thinking?” Walter responds “He isn’t thinking that’s the problem. We have to get the VP back and George’s ass in jail.
  • At the Supermax Prison we see a Dr. Jack Hobbs, is being released. He is apparently the world’s smartest man and on of the Union’s greatest villains. He has paid his debt to society and is getting out of jail. As he leaves the Utopian is there to see him off, Utopian warns him “I came to let you know I’ll have you back inside the second you step out of line Hobbs”.  Hobbs responds, “I’ll just do what I always do and find a loophole to have my conviction overturned, I am the world’s smartest man overall. I’ve been working on a new machine, you’ll be the first to know about it.
  • We see Jack Hobbs is apparently operating out of an old high school in upstate New York. He is talking to his female associate a Miss Wanamaker. She asks Hobbs “what do you have against the Utopian, he seems like a nice guy, all he ever does is save people and rescue cats from trees why do you want to destroy him?” Jack answers “I have nothing against him personally, its his existence I have a problem with and what he and his friends entail for the rest of the human race, the social Darwinism we’ve faced ever since his kind first appeared and what they’ve done to the laws of probability. It’s not enough to be a criminal anymore, you have to be a super criminal, it’s not enough to carry a gun, it has to be an atomic weapon now. The escalation will reach a tipping point and that could spell the end of the human race. That’s why I’ve devoted myself to nothing less than their complete eradication as a species from this planet.” One of the henchman asks, “and how are you going to do that”. Jack answers, “by taking away their super-powers and giving them to us.” He holds up some sort of fancy gun which can apparently steal superpowers and give it to whomever he chooses.
  • We jump to Utopian, he is taking part in some charity golf tournament. Where he hits a golf ball onto the moon, and gets a hole in one. Later on Utopian is at Rockefeller center as part of this continuing charity event. And John D. Rockefeller one of the richest men in America has an odd proposition for Utopian. He asks him, “Would you be interested in fathering a child for me? A son with my name and your abilities would be such a force for the next 100 years. I know you’re probably married and I don’t mean anything lewd, my doctors can handle the whole thing artific iallu and they’ve all signed confidentially agreements.” Utopian tells John “this is insane, I don’t even know what to say”. John tells Utopian, “if it sweetens the deal I’ll donate half my fortune to a charity of your choice. That’s an awful lot of money for such a tiny sacrifice. Utopian says he’s sorry but he refuses to consider it”
  • During the charity event, Grace hears a burglar alarm 35 blocks away, so her and Utopian leave to deal with it. They show up to the burglary, and knock the criminal out. And Grace grabs the getaway car and lifts it over her shoulder. Utopian then ties the burglars up with a street light and tells them the police will come by soon. One of the burglar’s is crying. He says “we couldn’t make our rent, what else were we supposed to do. We’ve got nothing man, seriously, I’ve got a little kid back home, what happens to her if I go to jail?” Sheldon somewhat moved by the sob story asks, “If I give you the money you need do you promise you’ll; put these things back?” Grace shocked says “what”. Sheldon replies, “If cash is a problem isn’t this a solution? It’s not like I can’t afford it, and it solves the trouble with his daughter.” Grace says, “you can’t be paying criminals not to rob people.”
  • All of a sudden, Sheldon and Grace get blasted with Dr. Hobbs special gun that steals their powers. We see these various criminals are now flying, and the kick Sheldon back with ease. Grace does to punch Miss Wanamaker, and Wanamaker grabs Grace’s fist and tosses her aside with ease. Jack Hobbs then flies down with a big smile on his face, he then claps really loudly infront of Shelton and the force of the clap throws Sheldon way back. Hobbs says hilarious. Hobbs henchman pick up Sheldon and Grace and start walking them back to their hideout. Hobbs says, “now let’s go get their friends”.

Issue 4 – Jack Hobbs vs. The Union

  • 1967. Blue-Bolt gets a call from his friend Danny, Danny tells him Dr. Hobbs is waiting for Blue-Bolt in a gorilla cage. Blue-Bolt confidently flies over and shows up to take Hobbs down, but he gets shot with that special gun and his powers disappear. He falls into the cage, and Hobbs and his crew beat the shit out of Blue-Bolt.
  • The Flare sees a man standing a top a building, thinking the man is a jumper he flies up to save him. The Flare then gets shot with the power stealing gun, and starts falling down to the Earth. He gets grabbed by one of Hobbs people though, and gets taken back to Hobb’s base.
  • We see Walter is at the White House he is working with LBJ to figure out where Skyfox is, but Walter says, Skyfox is a technological genius, and is blocking his powers so he can’t find him telepathically. All of a sudden Hobbs bust through the door and zaps Walter stealing his powers too.
  • Back over to Skyfox. He is in Mexico and has the VP tied up. The VP asks Skyfox if he is going to kill him. Skyfox says “I used to be a superhero, I’m not goinmg to murder the VP in cold blood, we kidnapped you to bring attention to the anti-war movement, I’m sure we’ll hand you back after a scuffle with my old pals. One of Skyfox’s crew says, “He skyfox looks your old friends are on TV, they’ve been taken down by that Hobbs guy and he’s stolen their powers”. Skyfox’s crew starts celebrating. But not Skyfox, he realizes how dire the situation is. He tells his crew to Shut up and turn the volume up on the news.
  • We jump back over to Hobbs. He has the 5 members of The Union now all powerless. They are at that High School in Upstate New York. Hobbs tells them “I went to this high school, I leanred the very basics of science and graduated here shortly after my 3rd birthday.” You’ll die now of course, you and any other heroes hiding out there. It’s going to be a piece of cake with these powers we gave ourselves.
  • They are standing infront of this weird doorway. Utopian knows what this is, he explains this is a gateway to an anti-matter universe. Utopian tells Hobbs, “Suitably theatric but not exactly necessary since you took away our abilities.” Hobbs explains “Yeah but what’s the fun in just shooting you, I spent a fortune having this thing built, might as well get some use out of it.” Hobb’s men then grab the Union members and start shoving them through the anti-matter doorway. Fitz is getting dragged to the doorway. And he gets kicked through it.
  • Just then Peter Felton, Fitz’ son, whose powers are now getting stronger, he busts through the wall, and asks “What have you done to my dad.” Hobbs asks who the hell is this? Peter warns “Don’t make me use my powers” But one of the henchman grabs Peter and knocks him to the ground. Hobbs says “bad news kid we’ve all got powers.” He asks Peter how did you find us? Peter replies, “My dad’s signal device the team uses it for emergencies. Hobbs says “I didn’t even know they had a signal device”
  • All of a sudden the henchman get punched out, courtesy of Skyfox. He says “Actually we all got a signal device.” Skyfox grabs the power stealing gun and he’s thinking if he can take it apart and reverse it before the rest of the Union goes to deep into the Anit-Matter universe.” George he then jumps through the doorway to try and save his old teammates.
  • Skyfox is flying through the anti-matter universe, it looks hella trippy. He sees the rest of the Union getting sucked deeper and deeper. He shoots them and manages to give Grace, Fitz, Richard and Walter back their powers. He tells them to get out of here and catch Hobbs, Skyfox is going to go deeper and rescue Sheldon. Richard yells, “Sheldon is too close to the hole, you’ll never get back out!” Skyfox says “are you serious? This is the Utopian we’re talking about” he has to try.
  • Skyfox catches up to Utopian, he gives him his powers back, and he tells Utopian “I really hope you can outrun the gravity of this thing because if you can’t we’re both completely screwed. Grace is helping Fitz and Richard fly out of the Anti-Matter universe because she is stronger, we see Walter is behind them, he is struggling. Grace tells Walter to grab Fitz’s hand. Walter says “I can’t it’s pulling me back”.
  • Walter then says “Oh jesus it’s going to get me Grace, I’m being sucked in.” Sheldon with his powers back now, manages to fly from further away, and grab Sheldon’s hand, and pull both him and Walter out. Sheldon tells Skyfox “good to have you back by the way.” Skyfox says “good to be back, big man”.
  • The Union triumphantly exits the Anit-Matter doorway with all their powers back in tact, that close from being wiped out forever.
  • Utopian tells them “Now I know you’ve all got superpowers on your own, but we’ve got a little more experience in this area. Peter gives Blue-Bolt his power rod back. Hobbs put his hands up and tells Utopian to wait. Utopian then punches Hobbs through the wall, and he goes flying back. Utopian comments “Just like old times huh?” Skyfox affirms “just like old times”. Utopian thanks George for coming back and saving them all. Skyfox says my genuine pleasure, as he shakes Utopians hand.
  • Walter watching this go down, and seeing Skyfox back in the team’s good graces says, “fuck”.

Issue 5 – Skyfox’s Return and confrontation with Walter

  • The Union have taken away the powers from Hobbs and his Henchman. Skyfox looks pleased with a job well done as he smokes a cigarette. Utopian asks “so what now, what do we do with you George?” Skyfox says “your call Sheldon”. Utopian says, “well I want you back on the team, but we’d need some concessions and you’d need to return the VP.” Skyfox says, “to be honest I have a few conditions of my own, I couldn’t go back to the way things were. I’ve seen to much to go back into my box and be a good little superhero.” Utopian agrees, it’s a different world and they need to adjust to their new role in it.
  • Utopian says let’s talk back at base once we’ve dropped these guys off at prison. We’ll meet at Midnight back at HQ.
  • Later on back at Union HQ. They are all walking inside. Walter is phoning his wife Sunny, He tells her he’ll be back home at 2 with milk for the boys.” Sunny says “I can’t believe George is back on the team, after everything he’s done isn’t he embarrassed?” Walter tells her he can’t talk now, he may be listening to everything we are saying.
  • All the Union members walk back into HQ. We see their trophies all around, like a ginormous dinosaur. It’s still 20 minutes to midnight, so everyone is just getting comfortable before they have their meeting about the future of the team.
  • George is walking around looking at various mementos from past adventures. He looks at the device that Sheldon found on Jupiter. Walter tells George “we suspect it’s some kind of prehistoric tape recorder Sheldon found on Jupiter’s moon, there’s some kind of message on it but no one can decipher what it means.” Walter says “Is it weird seeing souvenirs from events you weren’t part of? I can’t believe Sheldon is actually considering you returning to the team.” George says, “well I am kind of fun to be around”. Walter counters “You kidnapped the vice president!” George says, “If it’s any consolation we kept him drunk the whole time”. Walter says “Sheldon and George back together all is forgiven, despite the fact you’ve been robbing banks and burning the american flag huh?” George wants to put all their differences in the past though, he tells Walter, “Listen can I talk to you for a second. I’m sorry about everything that went down between us. It’s only once I got a little distance I realized what a dick I used to be. Sunny gets tired of living with a drunk, and my big explanation is that you used psychic powers to make her fall in love with you. The honest truth is, you’re just the better man Walter, it’s great you’ve given Sunny the life she always wanted, I respect the fact you’ve been such a terrific father.”
  • Walter replies, “Well I have to say, that’s incredibly gracious, and I couldn’t be more touched. But if we’re both being absolutely honest, I have to make a little confession” and then he whispers to George, “you were right.”
  • George says, “what?”. Walter says “I did use my powers to make sunny fall in love with me. That’s what you get for always riding me, you insufferable prick.” Walter than gloats by saying “now what are you going to do about it”. Just look at the look of surprise, hatred and anger encapsulated in George’s eyes. The art work is so simple, yet so perfect to portray this feeling. Walter confirms he did mess with Sunny’s brain to steal her away. An unforgivable offense, and a great reveal.
  • Boom, an explosion at the Union HQ. George has attacked Walter and is on top of Walter, and is choking him. Grace attacks Skyfox and tackles him away, and asks him “what are you doing? Have you lost your mind?” Skyfox says “he lies to us Grace, he messed with Sunny’s brain”. Grace yells back “stop before you kill somebody.” Skyfox says, “I am going to kill somebody”. Blue-Bolt and Flare join in in trying to restrain Skyfox. Skyfox says “you idiots, can’t you see he’s just laughing at us”. Fitz says “George you’ve gone mad”. George says, “oh I’m just getting started”. Skyfox grabs Blue-Bolt’s power rod and jolts Grace, Fitz and Richard back and they get tossed back.
  • Skyfox then tackles Walter off a rooftop into the ocean. In the Ocean Skyfox continues beating on Walter. Walter is psychically calling out for help. He says “seriously, he’s going to kill me, somebody help me please.”
  • Utopian finally shows up, and drags Skyfox out of the water and asks him “what the hell are you doing?” Skyfox shoots Utopian in the face with the power rod. Grace punches Skyfox, Skyfox hits her back. Walter tells then team “you need to hit his ear plugs, focus and burn them, even just one could be enough to let me in to psychically take him down.” Utopian lazer eyes Skyfox. Skyfox tells Utopian “He’s controlling Sunny’s mind, Sheldon, the bastard admitted it, he laughed in my face back at HQ, on my mother’s life.”
  • Fitz, manages to remove one of Skyfox’s earplugs. Skyfox then screams in pain as Walter psychically attacks him. Walter tells Utopian “I’ve paralyzed his motor functions but he’s really pushing back” Walter then yells to Utopian, “Hit him Sheldon..HIT HIM!” Sheldon having to think fast, decides to hit Skyfox and he punches him, and send Skyfox through various buildings down to the ground, knocking him out.”
  • The Union flies down to see Skyfox knocked out. He’s alive, Walter has put him in an artificial coma, and will keep him in that state tell they can get Skyfox to the Supermax prison. Utopian then grabs Walter and pins him up against a wall. He tells Walter, “if I find out you were lying… tell me the truth, Walter talk to me. Have you been messing with Sunny’s mind.” Walter says back, “Sheldon you’re hurting me, get your fucking hands off me”. Sheldon releases the pin on Walter. Walter says, “You didn’t see him back there he was crazy”. Sheldon says “I just hope to god you’re right.” Sheldon then flies away. Walter has a satisfied look on his face.

Issue 6 – Conclusion of Circle

  • We see Jane, Sheldon’s wife, she still has her perfect life, filled with flowers from every country,  clothes ironed for her, breakfast made, exciting dates, and getting walked to work in the morning.
  • Skyfox is in jail. Sheldon asks Walter if he messed with Sunny’s brain again, Walter denies it, Sheldon says “That’s good enough for me”. And he takes his brothers word.
  • Sheldon worries like Skyfox, if superheroes are just agents of the status quo, foot soldiers of the wealthy, protecting them from the masses. Sheldon was also troubled by John Rockefeller’s offer to donate half his fortune to charity if Sheldon gave him a son with his super powered sperm.
  • Sheldon was also concerned about his enemies like Jack Hobbs and Jack’s efforts and desire to destroy him. Sheldon wanted to harness that genius so he invested long evenings in an effort to rehabilitate him. Sheldon told Jack everything that could possibly hurt him. His weakness, his secret identity, and all the problems he faced on a daily basis. Sheldon just opened up to Jack, and disarmed his great foe, and an unlikely friendship grew from that trust. Hobbs radically improved, and he used his intellect to focus on helping other people.
  • Jane is continuing to talk about Sheldon. She narrates Sheldon was always the perfect person. He always had a smile on his face, always made her home cooked dinners. Always made sure she had the perfect orgasm before she would fall asleep in his arms every night.
  • We see Rockefeller he offers Sheldon 2 billion dollars to charity. Sheldon, he is conflicted about the whole Rockefellar offer and he consults Hobbs about it. Sheldon asks “What am I going to do? I can’t let him breed me like some kind of animal, but is it really ethical to turn down his donation? Hobbs says he sees Sheldon’s dilemma, but the solution is really quite simple.
  • What is the supposed solution. Sheldon tells his wife Jane, “I want to give all my money away Jane?” Jane shocked says what? Who to?” Sheldon says to charity of course. Rockefeller’s twice as rich as me, but if I liquidate my assets I’d have the same money he’s offering as a donation.” Jane still not into the idea says “What are you talking about, where would we live?” Sheldon answers “We could buy a place in the suburbs and I could get a regular job. Is it right to have all these things when there’s people out there who can barely feed their kids? Jane says “I want a divorce Sheldon.”
  • Sheldon is shocked and says what? Jane says “Seriously, you’re just too much and I don’t think I can take it anymore. I want to move out and get my own place.” Sheldon doesn’t understand he asks is this because I’m giving my money away. Jane says “I don’t care about the money, I’ve got my own money”
  • BTW, Jane is basically drawn to look exactly like Christina Hendricks in the TV Show Mad Men. That can’t just be a coincidence. Mad Men, great show by the way.
  • Jane continues, “I love the fact you care so much, but it makes me feel bad as a human being. You never do anything wrong. You never think of yourself. I’m the only woman on the power list and I always feel like an underachiever. I just need disappointing sex for once and then I won’t feel bad about the spots on my back or the fat on my hips. I need someone selfish and bad-tempered and lazy because then it okay for me to be that too.” Sheldon asks is this because we couldn’t have children, because there are things we can try. Jane says, “are you insane? It’s a blessing we can’t have children. How the hell could they measure up to you? I just need someone normal, You’re killing me and I need to get away. I need a man with flaws.”
  • We see Jane hugging Sheldon goodbye, and getting into a cab. She comments that Sheldon even in the breakup couldn’t have been more of a gentlemen or polite, perfectly respectful of this situation, even breaking up, he was insufferably perfect.
  • Sheldon, he cashes out all his shares, and gives away all his money. He decides to buy every child in the world a Christmas gift. Walter Kronkite on the evening news reports this tremendous generosity of Utopian, becoming a real life Santa Clause. Walter reports, “This reporter would like to add that in 30 years of being a newsman, I’ve never seen anything quite this extraordinary. Happy Christmas ladies and Gentlemen.
  •   Sheldon watching the report on the news after delivering toys all around the world is quiet. Grace shows up to visit him to drop off some Christmas dinner. She asks him if he’s okay, Sheldon tears up, and begins to cry, but tries to hold it back. Grace comforts him and tells him “don’t be embarrassed, I know what it’s like”
  • We see Skyfox in prison. He is smoking some marijuana, and debating the meaning of life with his cell roommate. He asks “why do we have these ridiculous fights? Why do we have this urge to mate? Did Brain-Wave steal my girl because its hardwired deep in his DNA to find the perfect breeding partner? Why does every man woman and child on this planet have a distinct set of fingerprints?” His cell roommate says, well I guess we have 30 years to figure it out skyfox? Skyfox replies confidently, “I think you forget who designed this place.”
  • We see Walter, he is with his wife Sunny. He asks her, “are you happy sunny?” She says of course I’m happy what a crazy thing to ask”
  • Blue-Bolt is getting his pants hemmed, and he tells the tailor to shut the door, they are going to have sex.
  • We see Fitz having dinner with his family at a fancy restaurant.
  • Jack Hobbs, is now working on good things, in his diary of things he wants to accomplish he writes “Cure Cancer, End War, Create a Fair New Monetary System, Blindness.
  • The Teen Scene members are playing foosball, one says “So all we have to do is advertise their brand and they are going to give us money for it?” The other guy responds cool. So we see the beginning of the corporatization of heroes.
  • We see Skyfox has broken out of prison, and has wrote, “Skyfox was here” on the wall. His cell roomate tells the guards, “He said he’s going to murder Brain-Wave and I for one would put money on it”
  • We see Sheldon and Grace, they are now together in the clouds, they both “I love you” to one another. We see their kids Brandon and Chloe flying as well. END OF Volume 2.
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