Jupiter’s Legacy – Volume 2 (2017) – Full Comic Story & Review

Full Comic Story and Review/Recap for Jupiter’s Legacy – Volume 2 (issues #1-6) initially released in trade paperback in 2017.

Superhero offspring Hutch and Chloe have come out of hiding with son Jason to assemble a team of super-crooks from around the globe.

Walter’s Group
Walter Sampson (Brain-Wave)
Jules Sampson
Brandon Sampson
Barnabas Wolfe (Molecule Master)
Ruby Red

Hutch’s Group
George Hutchence (Skyfox)
Light Girl
The Wood King
Jack Frost

Writer: Mark Millar
Artist: Frank Quitely

Issue 1 at 2:10
Issue 2 at 12:00
Issue 3 at 23:37
Issue 4 at 33:02
Issue 5 at 39:49

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Issue 1 – The Resistance begins forming their team

  • The year is 1991 in Santa Fe. Skyfox recently broke out of prison which we saw in Jupiter’s Circle. Skyfox is with some girlfriend, her name is Spring Mulder, she is Hutch’s mother . She asks him, “are the superheroes coming?” We assume the heroes are coming to take Skyfox down. Skyfox not worried and accepting his fate says “we’ve still got a little time. Can I see the boy before I go?”
  • Skyfox is sitting with his son Hutch. Hutch is watching some Ghostbusters cartoon show called The Real Ghostbusters. Hutch asks Skyfox “are you my dad?” “Will I get powers when I am older too?” Skyfox tells his son he doubts Hutch will get powers, his mother’s genes seem to be dominant, but at least you got my beautiful Irish hair.
  • Hutch is playing with some action figures, Skyfox asks him who his favourite hero is? Hutch says Blue-Bolt. Skyfox laughs, and says “he’d love that he’s your favourite”. Skyfox grabs a flashlight lying about, and asks Spring, could you get me a hair dryer and two feet of kitchen foil, I’m going to make him something.
  • We see the heroes arrive outside of this house to confront Skyfox. Spring tells Skyfox their here. Skyfox says he knows, he heard them. Skyfox tells his son Hutch, he made him a power rod just like Blue-Bolts, but your mom is going to keep it until your old enough to be responsible with it. I find it a little hard to believe Skyfox could built such an over powered device capable of teleporting anywhere in the world in 2-3 minutes out of a flashlight and some stuff lying around the house, but suspending our disbelief here, and knowing that Skyfox is supposedly amazing with technology, which was mentioned previously. Skyfox says bye to his son, he says “I’m going away for a while, and we might not even see each other again, so I want you to promise me you’ll only ever use this to help people understand.” Hutch tells his dad “I love you”, Skyfox replies in kind, “I love you too”. Skyfox then heads outside and confronts Walter and the other heroes.
  • We jump to Paris, the year is 2020. Skyfox, Chloe and their son Jason are using Jason’s metahuman scanner and starting their mission of breaking out supervillains from around the world, and bringing them to their side for their battle with Walter and Brandon.
  • We see in the police transport vehicle, they are transporting this super powered villain named Tornado. Hutch teleports into the vehicle, he is going to teleport him and Tornado to safety. But Hutch’s power rod is out of juice. So instead he kicks the police officers away, grabs their gun, and blasts the door with it. Hutch jumps out of the car, and tells Tornado “I’ll be back in a second”. Hutch runs inside this nearby airport, the police running after him. Hutch is running as fast as he can yelling “Get out of the way I’m a dangerous terrorist”. The police are shooting at him. Hutch makes his way to one of the kiosks, he is saying “c’mon, c’mon” as he is fiddling with his power rod. The police having him cornered ask him “where the hell were you going anyway”. Hutch smiles and says, “battery section” apparently his Power Rod operates on simple store bought batteries, he teleports away back to his friend Tornado in the police van, and then teleports him away to safety.
  • We see in Southeast China, we are introduced to this other superpowered female named Neutrino, Neutrino can go subatomic in size and ride electrons across electric currents to anywhere in the world. She just robbed a bank. She is talking to her girlfriend on the phone who lives in Cape Town South Africa. The girlfriend’s name is Shockwave. The police are chasing Neutrino in a high speed chase, Neutrino is not worried though. Somehow Chloe and Jason manage to get into Neutrino’s car, and ask her if she wants to join their team. Neutrino uses her powers to escape.  She rides the electrons to her girlfriend in Cape Town, and pops out of her girlfriend’s cell phone. Neutrino panicking tells her girlfriend that they need to run now. Chloe shows up though moments later and says “You think I can’t outrun a subatomic particle? Shockwave tries to blast Chloe, but Chloe just puts up a forcefield protecting herself. She tells the two of them “now are you guys joining my team or what?”
  • In Singapore Hutch recruits a girl named Light Girl. Chloe recruits a guy named The Wood King in Berlin. Hutch recruits a guy named Automaton in London. Chloe and Jason recruits a guy named Jack Frost in Antarctica. In Brazil, Hutch, Chloe and Jason recruit a girl named Tattoo in Brazil. Tattoo has all these siblings punching her in the leg, so she is  happy to get out of the house for a bit.
  • At the Supermax prison, Brandon and Walter are talking. They are both worried about Hutch and Chloe recruiting all these superpowered people. They estimate they have 12 people on their side for now. They think it is Jason’s doing, the kid is smart. Brandon is arguing with his Uncle, all this stuff with Chloe, Hutch and Jason, and the problems they are having with the Chinese right now, Brandon thinks they should just take over the Chinese, move in and seize control.  Walter argues against this though. They are talking about all this infront of that woman Skyscraper whom we met back in Legacy Volume 1. She tells Walter “Chloe Sampson finally got her shit together, what comes next is everything you’ve been afraid of”.
  • We jump over to Dubai. We see this Superhuman parasite known as Rajesh (Repro), he is in suspended animation and frozen in this type of chamber. Repro is pretty powerful, he can duplicate another super empowered being’s powers exactly. We see on of the tour guide’s is explaining what the deal with this Repro is. In 2016, Repro tried to rob the Sheikh and was captured by authorities, and he remained trapped here in the lobby of their grand hotel as a warning to any other would be super-criminals with their eye on the families riches. The hotel and royal family have their own super-powered guard. Her name is Raikou, she is super bad ass and tough, she has Strength, Speed and Grade One Psychic Powers. The Saudis pay her 100 grand a week to guard the place.
  • We see Chloe, she is high up on a tower surveying the situation. Hutch is blending in down below having his own eyes on the place. They are going to try and break this Repro guy out of his trap he is suspended in. Repro is going to be a very important ally to add to their side. Although they are going to have to defeat this Raikou to rescue him. So to kick things off, Chloe and Hutch send in the heavyweight. Their son Jason. Jason lands and smashes down on the ground infront of this Raikou.

Issue 2 – The Resistance team recruits Repro

  • Jason is distracting this Raikou, trying to keep his mind blank so she can’t read his mind. Chloe from way up above flies down like a rocket right into Raiko, hurling down through this hotel building and through their artificial ski resort they built as well, and into a pool of water. They are fighting in the water, and banging up against the underwater glass.
  • Hutch and Shockwave are watching from far away still. Hutch tells her “not yet, anything within a half mile and she’ll read your mind, and realize what we’re after. Let Chloe and Jason soften her up.
  • Raikou and Chloe continue battling underwater. Raikou looks like she is gaining the upperhand on Chloe, but Jason flies over and tries to join back into the fight and save his mom. Raikou tells Jason he’s an idiot, she knows whatever you’re thinking of doing before you do it. We see her here anticipating all of Jason’s moves. She then telekinetically tosses a nearby boat at Jason.
  • We see Light Girl and Neutrino are working together. Neutrino is subatomic, and Light Girl is doing to fire a light beam straight toward Raikou’s head. We see Light Girl aiming right now. Raikou says “You really think you can sneak up on me?”
  • Raikou using her mind reading powers, and her speed to analyzes the situation, and the plan of attack. Light Girl fires the Light Beam, but Raikou manages to stop Neutrino right in the air and make her fall to the earth. Raikou then puts Neutrino mind back into a mental trap. She is stuck in her teenage body and bedroom reading Harry Potter books, Neutrino’s physical body can’t do anything right now.
  • Hutch then tells Shockwave, alright we’ve got 24 seconds to make this happen, make sure you are fully charged. He teleports them to the hotel lobby infront of Repro. Then teleports himself into the frozen liquid where Repro is kept, he grabs him, and then teleports them outside of the frozen liquid. Shockwave is worried hutch will freeze to death, he tells her “would you just shut up and charge his body”.
  • Shockwave charges the body of Repro,
  • Back to Raikou, by reading others minds she finally figured out they are all here for Repro. We see the other people attacking her like The Wood King, Tattoo, Jack Frost, but she is just rearranging all their brains and trapping them in physic constructs like she did with Neutrino earlier, incapacitating them all. She gloats, “I can rearrange all your minds, everything, your senses perceive, like I’m shuffling a deck of cards.” But then Automaton attacks her as well attacks her saying, “oh yeah, what about a robot brain” because I guess he isn’t human she can’t mess with his brain, so he is able to blast her.\
  • Back to Hutch, Shockwave and Repro. Repro is now awake, he asks ‘what the hell is going on” Hutch responds, “Bad guy a mile away, you need to help us stop her.”
  • Back to Raikou, she manages to get up and kick Automaton. Chloe and Jason rejoin the fight against Raikou. She then starts talking about how the Arabs hired her because they knew who her father was. Nobody ever said outright, but her mother dropped hints that she was seduced at the Japanese embassy by one of the senior American super people. All of a sudden, Repro and Hutch who have teleport in, Hutch listening to Raikou questions, Walter Sampson? Trust me he’s an asshole. So we learn here that Raikou is in fact Walter’s daughter. Walter at some point hooked up with her mom at the Japanese embassy.
  • Repro, has managed to copy Raikou’s abilities, and transported her mind to a weird psychic construct of Repro’s creation. We see the psychic construct he made for her is really trippy and silly, in it a cat is riding a unicorn brandishing a handgun and smoking a cigarette under a rainbow. Her mind is stuck here. Hutch and Repro leave the construct and she her body is knocked out. Hutch tells her, “we didn’t just come here for Repro’s powers, we came here for your psychic powers as well, how else do we beat Walter. So by copying Raikou’s powers, Walter’s illegitimate daughter, they can now potentially have a big tool to use against Walter.
  • A whole bunch of police storm the beach with guns. But Repro incapacitates them by making them see their parents having sex some of them dressed as clowns, so all the police are screaming and freaking out. Hutch then teleports them all away.
  • We jump to Branon, he is still president of the United States, and is making an appearance in Detroit. He flies down into a stadium of people awaiting his arrival and speech. Brandon says hello to his wife, a character very much ignored up until now. She tells him “don’t insult me Brandon I know where you’ve been” she is implying Brandon has been cheating on her. Brandon says to her, “Well maybe if you could give me a baby I wouldn’t feel the need to keep screwing around”.
  • Brandon goes over and shakes the mayor’s hand, the mayor mentions that he’s happy to be here, he is also happy to see Barnabas Wolfe is still alive, and is looking much better since he is out of the hospital. We assumed Barnabas Wolfe dies last issue when Chloe beat him, but he recovered.
  • . Brandon sees some religious protestors causing a ruckus on one side of the stage. Brandon has banned all religions, and turned their places of worship into education centers. Anyway it looks like security has the situation under control. Brandon starts giving a speech to the crowd, he is being given an award for all his work creating a new car engine that will rejuvenate the American car industry, in actuality Walter’s son Julian is the one that created the engine, but Brandon is just taking the credit. In the middle of Brandon’s speech, a man in a trenchcoat walks up to him and says “Well done Mr. President, congratulations again on your reforms, now burn in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ!” We see the man has a bomb strapped to his chest with 1 second on the timer, it blows up, Brandon is blasted back. We see a huge explosion has engulfed much of the city and flattened it. Brandon is fine. Walter as is Walter and Brandon’s wife. tells him, that man was part of some sort of Baptist Jihadi alliance, the blast must have taken out 15 blocks.
  • Brandon snaps though. He yells “you do something good and they just tear it down. Even when you’re trying to help. Gather the team we’re hitting China!” Walter arguing says “What? This had nothing to do with China!” Brandon says “he doesn’t care, I’ve had enough of being reasonable, it’s time to prove America means business”. Even though China had nothing to do with this attack, Brandon has been arguing for a long time they need to stand up to China and he is sick of being told no by his uncle Walter. Walter tells Brandon “No you can’t” Brandon calls down some lightning from the sky and strikes Walter with it. Brandon tells his Uncle, “nobody tells me what I can and can’t do”. Brandon then flies away. Walter wants to go after Brandon to stop him, but Brandon’s wife tells Walter, “don’t you’re not strong enough”.
  • Hutch and his new team, are hiding out in Africa, apparently in one of Skyfox’s old headquarters in the form of a floating ship. They are watching the news, and see that Brandon just took over China, he seized parliament in 20 minutes and issued a statement that they’re taking over the global economy. The Wood King says Brandon is crazy, what are we going to do?” Chloe responds “nothing, we hit them know they’ll crush us like bugs. We need another 40 of 50 supers before we can consider taking them down. Jason who is on a laptop working his Metahuman scanner, he says he is picking up another superhuman somewhere in Russia, a Caucasian male, incredibly old, with an enormous energy signature like nothing we’ve ever seen. Jason says to Hutch, “I think I’ve found your father”. We see Skyfox in Russia, looking at his old costume hanging up on the wall. This is the first time in Legacy we see Skyfox in the current time period.

Issue 3 – The Resistance recruits Skyfox

  • Hutch, Chloe and Jason teleport to Russia outside this warehouse Skyfox is now living in. Hutch says he thought his dad was dead all this time. Jason asks if Hutch thinks his dad will help them. Hutch says he hopes so. Hutch and Chloe both explain to Jason about how Walter stole Skyfox’s girlfriend in the 60s by messing with her mind, and Skyfox might want revenge. Everybody just says Skyfox was paranoid though. Chloe stretches out a whole in the wall, and they enter the warehouse. Skyfox has no security, but Hutch says it’s my dad Chloe, why would he need security.
  • We see Skyfox is watching television, apparently this warehouse was an old information Centre during the Cold war, and Soviets recorded every show that ever aired in America and stored them on VHS tapes downstairs. Skyfox is watching some of his old trial back in 1984, when he tries to expose Reagan’s links to the Iran-Contra affair. Hutch introduces himself, and says he is Skyfox’s son, his mom was Spring Mulder from Santa Fe. Skyfox says he knows who Hutch is, and he is not interested in this whole Magnificent Seven thing he’s trying to put together. Hutch argues why not? Skyfox says, “because it’s pointless.” I don’t care about saving the country that locked me up half my life, and tried to execute me 3 times. Chloe says “the other super villains don’t seem to mind”. Skyfox counters, “that’s because their idiots, I should know, I led them for 20 years.” Chloe asks, “surely you want to see Walter taken down, isn’t he the reason you became a super criminal?” Skyfox says, “No I turned because I realized that superheroes were little more than uniformed agents of the corrupt ruling class. We were great at throwing the poor in prison, but the real cooks were the capitalist elite preying on working men and woman.
  • Skyfox comments that Hutch looks a lot like him, but sexier of course. Hutch pleads with his dad to help, “with him they could free the entire supermax”. Skyfox is not interested, he just wants to play with his old inventions and drink some vodka. He tells Hutch, at one time he tried his best to fight oppression, but America is happiest rules by liars. Skyfox then tells Hutch about the night he came to see him, and all the superheroes attacked him because he tried to break up the banking system. They beat the crap out of him, it took 100 of them, but they did it. And do you know what the crowds did, these ordinary people I tried to free from a system that enslaved them? They clapped. They cheered them on while they took me a way, and locked me in the supermax. That’s when I realized people were shit, and I’m better off here with my booze and research.
  • Hutch pleads with his dad saying “Please, I’ve never asked you for anything”. Skyfox replies, “very wise. If you want the truth, the people deserve Walter Sampson, every last one of them.” I thought this was some good writing explaining Skyfox disillusionment with society, I get his side of things, why would he really care, fuck it, he tried to help the people, and they cheered when he got defeated because they are stupid, and don’t truly know what is in their best interests.
  • While they were discussing all this, Jason was reading something on a bulletin board Skyfox had hanging up. Jason asks “This is the island right” he is referring to the island where they got their powers. Jason says “These are the coordinates where the tesseract opened in 1932. It’s fascinating your theories on what the aliens were actually doing here, they are very close to many of my own conclusions.” Skyfox interests peaked asks “Which are?” Jason says, “I think they were artificially manipulating the human race. Introducing a brand new species to breed with the indigenous culture to create something far stronger. I suspect they’re preparing us for a harsher environment or maybe leaving Earth altogether. Do you think they interfeered in the past at earlier stages in human evolution?” Skyfox replies, “I’d put money on it”. So some interesting theories and some new tidbits of what the mystery with the aliens is.
  • Skyfox tells Jason, “you know you’re pretty interesting, considering I hate kids, how the hell did that happen?” Jason says back, “My dad didn’t abandon me”. Jason taking some shots at Skyfox here. Skyfox insulted tells them all, “GET OUT”. Jason asks if he touched a nerve? Skyfox open the wall some more and points out saying “Get out, before you really piss me off”. Hutch, Chloe and Jason leave.
  • Hutch thinks back to memories of his dad. His mom asked him, “why did you say you loved him?” Hutch responded “he’s a superhero isn’t he?”. He told his father he loved him back then, maybe out of some sort of father respect and maybe as a way to honor his dad’s superheroics, his dad certainly didn’t spend enough time with him to really earn that love though. But yet still there were some moments of tenderness. Spring, Hutch’s mom responded, “maybe deep down he is a superhero”. We see Skyfox holding Hutch when he was just a baby, Spring asks, “did you ever think you could be this happy?” Skyfox replied, “never”. Back in the current day once again, we see Skyfox analyze his past, and his relationship with his son, and now his grandson, which Skyfox comments, is a “massively annoying kid”.
  • Back at their hidden African floating ship base. Jason still thinks a prison break on the supermax is still their best course of action despite Skyfox not joining them. If they can pull of a successful prison break, their forces will outnumber Walter’s 2 to 1. Jason’s got a few ideas of how they can maybe pull it off.
  • Chloe and Hutch are talking about the situation, Hutch saying how dire a positive outcome potentially is. Chloe then says, “Well if things are really that bad, I guess I should get on with this. A little trick my dad showed me, something he made for my mom after rescuing some miners. I’ve been saving this graphite since the pencil factory. In her hand she crushes the graphite into a small diamond. She asks Hutch, “if we survive this, will you marry me”. Hutch smiles and says “I’ll think about it”.
  • Jason smiles, he heard his mom proposing to his dad in the other room.
  • All of a sudden, Skyfox comes in through the door. He tells everyone to take it easy, just the Calvary arriving. Oh come on, like anyone’s surprised I came, especially you guilt trip” he says pointing to Jason. Hutch and Chloe run in excited to see Skyfox. They ask what changed his mind? Skyfox replies, “No, I just remembered how much I hated Walter, and how this was probably my last chance to strangle the prick.”
  • Skyfox asks Jack Frost, “what have you done to my ship Jack? Where’s the big meeting table with my very expensive 3-D projector?” Jack says “I sold it on ebay years ago boss”. Skyfox replies, “well we can’t stand around and strategize without a cool 3-D image of the building we’re about to raid. Gather close little ones. It’s time for daddy bear to run through the plan.” He then uses his telekinesis to take out some electronic parts in the ground, and creates a whole 3-D projector table. Jack Frost asks “How are we going to get past the Supermax’s security? There are 5,000 guards, technology beyond anything you ever faced in the old days.
  • Sky replies cooly smoking a cigarette. “The plan couldn’t be simpler brother, we just kick the living shit out of them”

Issue 4 – Battle Begins

  • Walter is meeting with his son Jules. Walter talking about Brandon says “he has to go, the second we find Chloe I want Brandon dead”. Jules tells his dad that he found this machine crushed up on the moon, it’s a metehuman scanner, probably built by Chloe’s boy.” Walter asks Jules if he can fix it. Jules says he can fix anything. So with their own Metahuman device, they can perhaps bring the fight to Chloe directly.
  • We jump over to Skyfox flying ship HQ above Florida, it’s cloaked and Invisible. Skyfox and Hutch are talking. Hutch says “I just hope we can fight in these street clothes, my jeans are kind of tight, which is hard for kicking”. Skyfox comments about how costumes are better because you know who you’re hitting.
  • They then jump to more serious discussion. Hutch asks his dad why he came back? Skyfox says “you’ve got a son, you know the answer to that”. Skyfox says “just promise me when we’ve beat these guys we’re going to create a different kind of country, I didn’t come back for celebrity selfies, endless wars and half the country living below the poverty line. Hutch asks “do you think I’ve done okay?” We see a shot of a smiling Jason and Chloe, Skyfox says “I think you’re exactly the kind of man I always wanted to be. A good father.” Hutch says thanks.
  • All of a sudden though, Brandon flies right through Skyfox’s ship, causing explosionds. Walter and Jules must have got the Metahuman scanner working and used it to find out where they were hiding out. Brandon grabs Chloe by the hair and is pulling her through the air and tosses her to the ground.
  • With the air ship now destroyed Hutch and the other are falling to the earth, but we see Light Girl (who I guess can fly) is holding Hutch, and Jason is flying and holding Neutrino. Jason asks his dad to beam us to the Supermax. Hutch doesn’t think that’s a good idea on Jason’s own, but Jason pleads saying “we’re the only one who can do this dad. Please I’ve got an idea”.
  • We see on the ground below Brandon and his group are stomping Chloe. Hutch he teleports Jason and Neutrino over to the Supermax, Jason and Neutrino fall on the ground out of the teleportation, some guards notice them.
  • Jules then tackles Hutch. Walter cockily says “12 of you against 100 of us, you haven’t got a chance you idiots”. Skyfox flying above Walter holding a truck says “they have now” as he smashes the truck down below on top of Walter. Some of the heroes on Walter’s side are surprised to see Skyfox. Skyfox kicks Walter in the stomach, and then punches him in the face, and then kicks him across the ground. Jules and some of Walter’s allies rush over to help Walter, but Skyfox triggers some explosions to stop their path. Skyfox tells them “don’t even think about helping this asshole, he had this coming for a long time”. Walter says back “you think?” He then is able to make the flames engulf Skyfox and burn his body up. Skyfox falls to the ground, his body now on fire, Walter says “all those years just hiding and getting old, who’s the asshole now George.” Skyfox dies, his body burns to the point we see his skeleton, and Walter breaks Skyfox’s head apart with his telekinesis.
  • Hutch screams out after his dad. And charges at Walter. Walter seeing Hutch tells him “what are you so upset about? It’s not like he ever cared about you. Oh I get it you’re a superhero now these days, well he’s your first big rescue.” Walter sees a passenger plane flying above, he using his powers he messes with the plane, and causes it to start crashing towards the Earth.
  • Hutch crying over the loss of his dad, but playing hero, teleports onto the place, and starts teleporting everyone to safety. It’s a struggle but he is able to save everyone on the place, and teleport back safely, just in time before the plane crashes down below.
  • As all that is happening, elsewhere Repro and Chloe using their powers are trying to evacuate the entire city population to safety before the superhero fight really kicks off. Brandon arrives he tells Chloe to take it easy, he doesn’t want to see dead civilians anymore than she does, he can wait until they are all away to safety. Chloe says she is going to kill brandon for what he did to their dad. Brandon says “dad was a slave Chloe”. Chloe defiantly says back, “dad was man!” Brandon electrocutes his sister in anger.
  • Jason and Neutrino are surrounded by guards in these weird vehicles at the Supermax prison.
  • Brandon starts feeding punches to his sister while she is held.
  • Walter walks towards Hutch, Hutch attempts to blast Walter with the Power-Rod but Walter blocks it, and telekentically forces the rod out of Hutch’s hand and away. Walter then climbs on top of Hutch, puts his hand on Hutch’s mouth and says “now, how do you get out of this?”

Issue 5 – Conclusion

  • Walter was on top of Hutch ready to finish him off, but then all of a sudden, Repro has transported Walter into a psychic construct world. Repor has brought Walter to that painting he was making of a childhood holiday of is. You will remember back in volume 1, Walter transported the villain Blackstar here. Repro is commenting to Walter about this world and how detailed it is. Walter asks Repro, how are you doing this? Repro says, “I stole these powers off a daughter you have out there. I’m told this trick is a personal favourite of yours, distracting the mind, while the body is being pummeled.
  • Walter is a little bit too powerful for this though, he says “you idiots, do you really think I can’t do two things at once?”. Walter punches Repro in the real world.
  • Walter and Repro continue battling in the mind, as well as in real life simultaneously. Walter transports Repro to when he was first put into suspended animation in Dubai. Repro transports Walter to when his wife Sunny was dying in the hospital of cancer, wanting to relive how that moment felt, Walter says never!
  • In the real world, Hutch and Repro are continuing to attack Walter.
  • Walter then psychically transports Repro to a hospital bed, Repro thinks he is waking up out of a long coma. The doctor and nurse comes up to Repro and tell him “we thought we lost you, we’ve been mopping your brow for days, the fever took you”. Repro asks where he is, he is told “France the year is 1915, you were wounded in battle, your wound became infected and you looked confused. Repro says “I thought I was a supervillain, fighting a gang of former heroes, oh my god has this whole thing been a dream?” Walter as the doctor says “No Rajesh, don’t be ridiculous this is just me getting the upper hand”. Walter was able to successfully distract Repro in his mind.
  • In the real world, Walter chucks a car at Repro and crushes him. Walter now turns his attention to Hutch and starts walking closer to him.
  • Chloe is still getting this shit beaten out of her.
  • We jump to Jason and Neutrino at the Supermax. Jason tells her to shring down and jump into his ear, she’ll be safe in there for now. Jason then flies through the prison wall to start releasing prisoners. They are supposed to only free the top 9 floors anyone below that level is too crazy to let loose. Jason is stopped by Ruby Red though, as one of the guards vehicles grabs Jason.
  • Back to Chloe. She manages to toss the other heroes aside and get a punch in on her brother. Brandon tells her “you evil bitch, you stupid ugly cow, you seem to like rescues, here’s a good one, better think fast”. Because they are near the coast, Brandon creates a hude tidal wave to engulf the area. But Chloe just creates a sonic boom with her mouth and breaks the wave apart.
  • As Chloe breaks up the wave, Walter and Hutch are squaring off. Hutch tries to shoot Walter with the power rod, but Walter is able to block it. Walter says to Hutch, “Was that it? That was your best shot? No wonder George never talked about you to anyone. What a disappointment you must have been. You look so much like him in his prime, this is like killing him twice. I wish he could have seen what’s coming next, President Walter Sampson. Walter then starts walking closer to Hutch and creates various duplicates of himself in Hutch’s mind so Hutch won’t know which Walter is the real one. Walter tells Hutch “come on, little bastard. I’ll even give you a free try. Which one’s the real me? Give it your best shot.”
  • Hutch thinking says to the Power Rod, “Walter’s Real Head” , the Power Rod teleports inside Walter’s real head, right into his brain, killing him. Hutch then says “home” and the power rod returns to him. With Walter now dead, Hutch says “That’s for my dad”.
  • Jumping over to Jason. Jason tells Ruby Red that Neutrino is already freeing all the prisoners. Ruby Red doesn’t believe Jason. Jason tells her to give them a call if she doesn’t believe him. Ruby Red using her ear piece calls into the Alpha-Team security to ask about the situation. But since Neutrino can ride electric signals and waves, she is able to ride them straight to the location of Alpha Team past all the sensors and alarms. There she turns back into human size, kicks the guards away, and then opens the prison doors. Jason tells Ruby Red, “trick ya!”. With that the doors open and we see all these prisoners escaping, including Skyscraper, among others.
  • Hutch he runs over to help Chloe, but Jules attacks Hutch, steals his power rod, and is angry because Hutch killed his dad Walter. Jules says he is going to smash Hutch’s brains in, but just then Jason shows up in a portal with all the escaped Supermax prisoners. Jason flies in and kicks Jules in the face. Barnabas Wolfe is trying to run away, and Skyscraper steps on him killing him. Revenge for their interaction back in volume 1.
  • Brandon seeing his side is going to be defeated now tells his sister “well congratulations Chloe, you saved the day. You’ve brought us back to the old status quo, and now the people can make all the same mistakes again, you must feel very proud. I guess we’re done huh?” Chloe borrows Hutches power rod, and teleports her and her brother to the planet Mars. Chloe tells Brandon, “I’m taking you somewhere I can really hit you without worry about the damage, no pucker up, you son of a bitch. She punches Brandon so hard they can see the twinkle of Mars from space. We see there is a big crater in Mars now. Chloe then says to Brandon, “now we’re done”.
  • With the battle now over. Repro who has now borrowed Barnabus Wolfe’s molecular powers is rebuilding the city good as new, and he has the whole city back together in 40 minutes.
  • Chloe did not want to kill her brother Brandon though, she wanted to do what her parents would do. So they took away Brandon’s powers, and put him in prison.
  • Hutch continues on the Skyfox legacy by adopting his dad’s costume, and becoming the new Skyfox. He questions if his dad would really have wanted this, Chloe says, he would have wanted it more than anything in the world.
  • At the Unions old HQ, Chloe and Hutch are talking. Chloe says “No more drugs, no more selfies, no more chasing sponsorship deals, it’s time we grow up and start helping people, just like mom and dad did in the old days. Hutch says “but this time it has to be different, no more bowing to authority and institutions, no more deference to people in power. We’ve got to watch the boardrooms as much as the alleyways, this has to be a partnership. Light Girl adds a cape to Chloe’s costume, she is carrying on her mother’s legacy as Lady Liberty. Chloe walks infront of a crowd of supporters, and says “We’re here to help, carry on our parents work, and inspire mankind by providing the best possible example. There is a dignity to public service we mistook for old fashioned, and a humility in having a secret identity living among the people we protect. It’s been a long time coming, and we’re sorry we didn’t get our act together sooner, but you have my word from this day forward we won’t let you down again.” The crowd cheers.
  • Some time passes. Jason is at Skyfox’s old lab in Russia, he goes through his grandfather’s old notes. He sees questions on the computer, they say “What are we? Who made us? Why do we love our children so much?”
  • Some more time passes. Hutch, Chloe and Jason are in a diner in New York. They all enjoy having new secret identities. Chloe is a grade school teacher, and Hutch is a fireman. Jason is thinking of giving his alter ego a limp, that way it makes it even less likely people with think he is the new Utopian.
  • They walk outside the diner, and Chloe and hutch comment about how fullfilled they are now doing good, how much fun they are having being heroes and springing into action in a moments notice, and this is why Chloe’s mom and dad must have always been so happy. Hutch says “is that was our lives were missing before? Being useful to other people?” Chloe responds “It’s the secret of the Universe sweetheart, why else would we be here?
  • END of Volume 2. We see there is a tease for Jupiter’s Requim, the sequel to start in 2019, but 2019 has come and gone and it did not come out yet. But Millar is supposedly just starting to get to it now.
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